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Wix Alternatives

By Content Clerks | Jun 12, 2020

If you want to know the top Wix alternatives in the market, this write-up is for you. Just to give you a sneek peak of what to expect, We will discuss the top competitors ranging from WordPress to Squarespace, Weebly, Joomla, Webnode, Shopify, BigCoImmerce, Blogger, and Jimdo. However, do not get this wrong. Of all website building…

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Leadpages Review

By Content Clerks | Jun 9, 2020

Even before we dive into the matter, lead pages is one of the leading landing pages. Therefore, If you want a straight forward way of creating a high-converting landing page, then this Leadpages review is for you. Previously, creating landing pages was hectic as it entailed many confrontations with developers and web designers. Nobody likes that back…

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Webpage Vs. Website – What is The Difference?

By Content Clerks | Jun 5, 2020

The terms webpage vs website may seem similar. However, these two are very different. How so? let me explain. In this article, I will explain the core differences in terms of definition, address dependency, extension, and development period. That will help you use the words in the right context. You will also uncover why it…

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Twitch Affiliate Review – Everything you need to know

By Content Clerks | Jun 4, 2020

Twitch is a game streaming service that is a subsidiary of Amazon. On Twitch, players game online while creating a streaming channel where their audience will watch while playing the games. Twitch offers ardent gamers a chance to make money while doing what they love most, which is gaming. So how do the gamers earn…

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Blogging for Dummies – How To Start a Blog in 2020

By Content Clerks | Jun 2, 2020

What is blogging for dummies exactly? Who should read this article? Well, there is only one way to find out. Do you have any knowledge that you feel you need to pass on to the world, maybe about fashion or dieting, car maintenance, or even how to survive college? Or maybe you have an idea…

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One Page Website – Everything You Need to Know

By Content Clerks | May 11, 2020

If one-page websites are new to you, then you have been missing out on the latest trend in the tech world. But it is not too late. Here is everything you need to know about single page websites, including their definition, their upsides and downsides, and how to create them. These aspects will make one-page sites…

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Unbounce Review

By Content Clerks | May 11, 2020

What is Unbounce? Unbounce is a landing page creator that optimizes your pages for conversions. It also enables you to engage further with your target group by deploying sticky bars and pop-ups. Unbounce review will help you to understand more. What’s more? You can do this without any coding knowledge. You need not know any…

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ClickFunnels Review

By Content Clerks | May 11, 2020

So today we are going to do a Clickfunnels review. ClickFunnels is a leading platform that helps users to create personalized landing pages and sales funnels. However, some people are for the platform, and others are against it. Why is that? Let’s find out. This Clickfunnels review includes an overview of Clickfunnels, top features, and pricing. You…

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How to Make a Living Blogging

By Content Clerks | May 11, 2020

If you think of blogging as a hobby, you need to know that it is can be a money-making business just like any other. Here is how to make a living blogging. Incase you have been asking yourself, The article features how to set up a blog, promoting a blog, and selling your products online. You…

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