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When you decide to an email campaign, you toss yourself right into the deep waters of email copywriting. Whether this comes naturally to you or not, one thing that is for sure, you need to write exceptional copy for your campaign. The number of email users around the globe will grow to 4.1 Billion in 2021, according to Statista. This goes to show how effective this medium is to your business growth. Content Clerks wants to walk that journey with you.

Emails may seem easy to write at first glance but anyone who has sat before a computer screen to write one will disagree. You sit there, scratch your head, open multiple tabs, but still can’t get the first sentence right. As someone operating a business online, you most likely have experience with this. What if we told you that we could give you an easy way out of all that? Sounds interesting, right? 

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What Do We Do?

Email copywriting is one of our greatest strengths. Not only do we write great email copy, but we also ensure that the emails you send help you drive the conversions that you are looking forward to. Do you want…

  1. For more people to open your emails?
  2. To click the call to action button?

If yes, you are right in front of an exceptional email copywriting services. We have a team of skilled writers on board with tons of experience writing emails for several companies. We pride ourselves in being able to help you achieve your business objectives with the right email campaign. So are you looking to set up a campaign from scratch? Whether you are looking to put together an email campaign from scratch or already have some ideas in place, we are the guys to bring all that to life.

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What To Expect From Our Email Copywriting Services

Each email copywriter on our team works around the clock to ensure that you can order bulk email copy at any time of the day. We ensure that we deliver the emails to you within a time frame that helps you achieve your business objectives and timelines as well. 

We have mastered the art of writing conversational copy that not only entices but also answers the very questions that your audience is asking. Whether you are pushing a free course or a newsletter through your email, we can help you make that suited to your audience. 

We derive from our rich bank of experience to match your needs with the perfect writer to put your message across. The nature of the industry that your business serves is not a thing to worry about; our pool of writers consists of experts in every field. 

We use digital marketing metrics to help you optimize your email campaign with our email copywriting services. If you have been having poor email open or click-through rates, we are able to craft subjects and call to actions that will help you improve both.


The difference between an exceptional email and an ordinary one is the subject. What words do you use to introduce your audience to the email they are about to open? Do you feel convinced that you capture their attention? If you are having problems with this, we can help. Place an order today to have your email subjects tweaked to be catchier. Forget clickbait, we are talking about honest and hard-hitting subjects that get your reader to open the email immediately. 

Confused about where to start with an email campaign? Don’t worry, we have got you. We give a listening ear to your business needs to help establish how exactly to help you advance your business with our services. We do not just write emails for the sake of writing but ensure that the tone of your brand, its identity and values reflect in each email. With our email copywriting service, we can assure you that even without any branding, anyone reading an email from your company will know it’s you. 

Make the decision to have that long overdue email campaign to start running. Do not wait any longer. Take action now and place an order today. We will pair you with the right email copywriter for your needs.

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