Web design services for small businesses

Web design services for small businesses

Need to revamp your website? Content Clerks offers web design services for small businesses.


The importance of outsourcing web design services for small businesses

Content Clerks is a unique company that you need on your team to have a website that works for your business. While many web designers use a single approach for all businesses, we offer a personalized approach. We know that what will work for a big business might not work for a small one. Also, we understand that client needs differ.

We take our time to understand your brand and what it stands for. We also research your audience’s needs and what your competitors are offering. From there, we can come up with a tailor-made website that works. We also involve you in the development process to ensure that we meet all of your expectations.

At Content Clerks, we hire the top qualified designers with vast experience in the industry. Their skills enable them to create all types of websites and give them unique features. You do not expect anything boring from us. We are extremely gifted and creative, and your site will not be anything less than the best. Try out our services, and you will never waste your time on another website designer.

We develop websites with your needs in mind and consider aspects such as SEO, user experience, speed, technical details, ease of use, and so much more. That helps us to create competitive websites that make your small business significant. Our capable web development team has what it takes to create simple one-page websites or more advanced multiple-paged ones.

Our company also offers professionalism in all our undertakings with clients. We always involve you in the planning process through to development and implementation. Also, we develop practical work plans and ensure that we meet all timelines. You will never experience delays as our designers are quick to solve any issues that might arise. So, when you give us a job, expect to get it done within the timeframe given.

We also offer top-quality web design services at the most affordable rates. Most companies charge exorbitantly, not factoring that small business design costs are a bit lower than those of bigger ones. We understand your budget constraints, and that is all the more reason to hire us.


The different services Content Clerks offers

Another attractive quality about us is that we offer a range of Web design services for small businesses. The design process is broad, and various services have to be incorporated to create a perfect website. Here are some services that top our list.

Graphic design

Our web design services for small businesses also include graphic design. Successful digital marketing entails more than just words; Art and images are also important. The audio-visual quality of your website determines the response of your customers.

Our experts take all of your company goals and vision and translate them to your site’s visual design. They consider typography, color schemes, professional images, and other critical design elements to create an impressive website. These can help your customers to visualize what your products offer.
We also help you with logo design, business card design, eBook creation, infographics, brochures, web banners, and any other graphics you would like to include on your website.


Search engine optimization is critical as it helps users to locate your site easily. Your website design only helps to keep them on your site. The two elements must be combines if your small business is to thrive. That is the reason why we incorporate SEO into the websites we develop.

Our SEO services entail keyword research and content writing. Our experts ensure that your website copy is filled with competitive keywords and phrases so that you rank highly in search engine results. We also invest in quality web architecture, ensuring that your pages follow a logical structure making it easy for people to find it. Our specialists also use modern coding tools and approaches. Most importantly, we guarantee fast load time and mobile-friendliness.

WordPress development

Over 35% of websites use WordPress because it is SEO-friendly and a flexible development tool. It offers a user-friendly CMS (Content Management System) that makes it easy to make adjustments. The platform is highly customizable, easy to edit, and search engine friendly, making it a popular tool for small businesses.

We design and develop excellent WordPress sites and eCommerce solutions that are responsive, user-friendly, creative, and functional. If you have just started your small company and would like a simple website or an established firm that wants a more complex eCommerce solution, we are more than capable of making your vision a reality.

Web Hosting

Content Clerks provides tailored web hosting services at an affordable rate. As your chosen service provider, we will take charge of your daily hosting operations. These include server management, software updates, email hosting, and support.

Our hosting services provide security, and our experts give you the confidence that your website is safe and professionally managed. We also constantly monitor our software and systems guaranteeing data security. We also do daily backups and offer both shared and dedicated server solutions.

For quality web design services for small businesses, contact Content Clerks.

Responsive website design

Research states that more than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Hence, creating mobile-friendly websites is mandatory. The process entails creating websites that load and function on desktops, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Content Clerk’s experts make this possible for you.

We always utilize responsive web design so that all your users can adapt to a range of devices when accessing your site. Likewise, this helps with search engine optimization.

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