Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services

Gain, qualify and convert more leads with Content Clerks’ lead generation services.


Lead Generation Services at Content Clerks

The most critical aspect of any digital marketing strategy lies in generating quality and qualified leads. You can attract as much traffic as possible, but it does not make sense if you do not convert it to sales. It is essential to get your consumers into your sales funnel so that you earn new buyers. That is the reason that you require lead generation services. And what better company to offer you these services than Content Clerks.

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A variety of lead generation services that Content Clerks offers

Content Clerks is an experienced lead generation agency and working with us is the best decision that you have ever made if you want results. We offer different services, all of which will help you with lead generation. They include the following.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization helps improve your search engine rankings for searches that relate to your business. Our goal is to improve your online visibility and lure traffic to your websites. We enable you to achieve this in different ways.

Website keyword optimization

We ensure that your site has the right keywords and phrases for easy identification by people and search engines. We achieve this by doing in-depth keyword research for both long-tail and short-tail keywords. Our major focus is on long-tail keywords made up of three or more words because they are more specific and less competitive. Our experts use their refined skills, experience, creativity and tools to identify the right keywords.

Once we identify the keywords, we place them in the right places on your websites. We include them in headings, title pages and your web copy. We do this as naturally as possible for search engines to understand them easily.

Earning external links

We also help you earn credible external links by creating and publishing quality content. When other bloggers and editors are attracted to your content, they are likely to share it to their audience and link it back to you.

Quality web design and architecture

We ensure that your website goes beyond looks. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in web design, and we ensure that your site’s architecture is perfect. We ensure that the navigation is simple and logical to keep visitors on your website as they can easily find what they are looking for. We also ensure that your website loads fast because we know how impatient users can be.

Consistent updates

Updating your site constantly is part of our SEO strategy. That allows your website to remain competitive. Your users want to find useful and recent content, and that is what they will find thanks to our expert help.


We do pay-per-click advertisements as well. We ensure that your ads appear among the top search results depending on the keywords used and bidding system. These ads are effective and can help you expand your reach fast and maximize ROI. They also give you control of your budget as you can set limits. Content Clerks is here to help you realize these benefits in various ways.

Choosing the right keywords

Our experts are experienced and will help you select the right keywords for your campaign. We advocate for long-tail keywords because it is likely that your consumers already know what product or service they want.

Optimizing your bids

PPC advertisements operate under a bidding system. The good news is that our specialists have experience in placing, managing and adjusting bids. A bid determines the amount you pay when a user clicks your ad. Bid prices vary depending on the keyword, and it would be better to place higher bids for keywords that give the best results. A lot of considerations are involved, but you can relax and leave this to us.

Regular ad updates

We also ensure that your ads are updated regularly to keep your consumers engaged. We ensure that your ads are relevant and useful at all times.

Content Marketing

The content on your website determines how people react to your business. We create and publish quality content in all formats. We can write blogs for you, post videos and infographics. People get to relate to your brand resulting in quality leads.

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Email Marketing

We offer email marketing, as well. We will help you build subscriber lists by creating sign up forms. We write personalized email content for your clients, including the call to actions. We will also help you in scheduling your emails so that your clients are always updated.

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The pros of partnering with us

Working with us comes with tons of benefits that you might not experience with any other lead generation agency. Our experts are all trained and are the best in the digital marketing industry. Working with us will be a memorable experience because we offer your professionalism and result-oriented solutions.

We are also dependable and timely. We take time to understand the scope of the services you require from the core attributes to the nitty-gritty. That way, we can create a reasonable work plan, of course, together with you. We value your opinion so much that we follow all the instructions you give. Likewise, we give you our professional insight so that we make the best out of your project. We also have a large team of experts on board that believes in teamwork. They collaborate well and meet all deadlines.

Our services are also pocket friendly. We are flexible and charge our clients based on the project type and reach. So, feel free to contact us no matter how big or small your lead generation project is. We will always break down the costs with you and come up with amicable payment terms

What are you waiting for?

If you would like to enjoy our services, the process is as easy as reaching out to us via email, call or walk-in and familiarize with our services. We will give you all the details you require and give you professional advice as well so that you make an informed decision. Then, we start on your lead generation project as soon as you are ready.

If you are looking for quality lead generation services, Content Clerks is your go-to lead generation agency

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