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By Samuel Mwangi | Feb 23, 2021

Contents What is Clubhouse?Objectives of ClubhouseWhy is Clubhouse not open to the general public?How do you join Clubhouse?Is Clubhouse safe?Community Guidelines of ClubhousePrinciples Of ClubhouseRoles On ClubhouseClubhouse RulesClubhouse SafetyWhat is the future of Clubhouse? What is Clubhouse? Clubhouse is the latest social media app that has been the talk of the town since its launch …

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Affordable SEO Packages

By Samuel Mwangi | Feb 22, 2021

Search engine optimization is an essential marketing tactic for small businesses. Using SEO accordingly helps your small enterprise quickly gain online visibility by making your website easily visible to search engines and potential clients. 75% of all users do not go past the first page of Google results. With that said, you need your page …

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A key with a tag "higher education marketing" next to a graduation cap-Higher education marketing

Higher Education Marketing

By Samuel Mwangi | Feb 16, 2021

In the highly competitive higher education sector, institutions need higher education marketing to remain at the top. If you want to know what it is all about, then read on. It is every person’s dream to join college or university and pursue their dream career. That sounds easy, but it is much more complicated when you get …

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Challenges of social media marketing- an image showing what social media marketing involves

Challenges of Social Media Marketing In 2021

By Samuel Mwangi | Feb 8, 2021

Social media marketing took a drastic turn in 2020 as the Coronavirus pandemic restricted people to remain indoors. Therefore, businesses had to switch to more social media activity as the business world experienced a shift in customer behavior.    So what are some of the expected challenges of social media marketing in 2021? Stay with …

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Someone search on google;Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories-Everything You Need To Know

By Euphresia Kwamboka | Feb 7, 2021

Google Web Stories are short AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) embeds you create to post on your site. They are in full-screen format and are created by Google as a way to share your story with other web users. They look like video slide shows and comprise quick videos or images that a user can flip …

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Healthcare content Marketing

Healthcare Content Marketing

By Samuel Mwangi | Feb 3, 2021

Healthcare content marketing is a digital marketing approach that helps healthcare providers and hospitals reach and educate people through online content. Apart from enhancing brand awareness, healthcare content marketing also helps with patient retention and engagement.  Unlike other sectors, the healthcare industry has been lagging behind in terms of content marketing adoption. In the last …

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Walmart Store Frontside;Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart Affiliate Program-How to Join and How to earn?

By Euphresia Kwamboka | Feb 2, 2021

The latest affiliate program we’ve brought to the table is Walmart affiliate program. Walmart is one of the companies giving Amazon sleepless nights, so your time spent reading this article will be worth it. At least we are talking about something as big as Amazon. Apart from the fact that Walmart ranks among the best …

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Types of Content Writers-A computer keyboard with the words content writer engraved on it.

Types of content writers

By Samuel Mwangi | Jan 26, 2021

Recently, marketing has been so competitive that you can easily be shown the way out if you don’t have an online presence. It also takes a lot of time, skills, and resources to build this online presence through the use of effective content marketing Ideas. As you begin boosting your efforts to have a steady …

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Shopify Affiliate Program Review

Shopify Affiliate Program Review

By Euphresia Kwamboka | Jan 5, 2021

Today, affiliate marketing is a major business that is not only fulfilling but also high-paying. There are various programs, but Shopify is by far the best option. In this Shopify affiliate program review, you will explore how the program works, its pros and cons, how to join Shopify, how to promote Shopify, commissions and payments, and …

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