5 Best Plagiarism checkers for writers in 2021

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Plagiarism is one of the most severe problems that can harm a writer’s reputation. It is essential to submit plagiarism-free copies and assignments since even a hint of an accusation can negatively affect your grades or your career. Plagiarism is sometimes regarded as unintentional, even when citations and quotations are improper. If you are a blogger, the importance of writing plagiarism free articles cannot be over-emphasized.

Writers and students should always check their work for plagiarism using an online plagiarism checker before submitting it. An effective plagiarism check should be included in every writer’s or editor’s workflow. There’s no need to worry about plagiarism, whether it’s unintentional or not. Using a plagiarism checker, you can automatically detect if the content on your website is being copied or stolen.

Importance of plagiarism checker

If you run a website or blog, making sure each article submission is free of plagiarism is crucial to your success. While you might miss some details as you read through every article manually, damaging the reputation of your blog or your reputation as a writer could have far-reaching consequences.

Copying content will not help you achieve your goal of getting more traffic to your website for more sales leads. In addition to being frowned upon, it is also illegal. The process of preventing the use of copied content on your website is easy if you write the content yourself, but it can be somewhat challenging if you work with multiple writers or contributors. 

Five best plagiarism checkers in 2021

To detect plagiarism, plagiarism checkers scan your content and compare it to online databases and published content on the Internet. Here we will discuss the five best plagiarism checkers for writers in 2021. 

  1. Editpad.org  

Editpad.org offers a free Plagiarism Checker that has an advanced algorithm to detect copied content in your content. This plagiarism checker comes with a simple interface with uploading and multi-languages option. 

Once you check, it will display the percentage and the sources from where the content is matched. 

Features of Plagiarism Checker

  • It has an easy-to-use interface and is free. Plagiarism checker also has the following features: The following formats are available for uploading directly from the computer:
  •         DOC & DOCX
  •         TXT
  • Content uniqueness and plagiarism percentages are shown in percentage. 
  • The sources are the links from which the content may have been derived. In this way, plagiarism is removed and can compare duplicate texts. 
  • Plagiarized content can also be made unique by using paraphrasing tools.
  • Get the plagiarism report and share it with your clients or students.
  • At the moment, plagiarism checkers offer a free check of 1000 words.
  • Plagiarized content is detected using advanced technology. To detect plagiarism, it scours archives and the Internet in-depth.

2. Prepostseo

This plagiarism checker from Prepostseo is an efficient method for determining the percentage of original and plagiarized content a website contains. Pre-post Seo is the best plagiarism checker for writers in 2021, with multiple distinctive features and excellent options. 

The Paste and Upload option compares your writing with online resources such as e-books, blog posts, YouTube descriptions, social media posts, etc. Additionally, there is published content on the Internet. There will be a list of URLs for citation if there is any similarity between the resources. 

Features of Prepostseo 

  • You can use it for free, and it has a straightforward interface. A plagiarism checker may also be used to upload directly from a computer the following formats:
  •         DOC
  •         Microsoft Word
  •         TXT
  •         PDF
  • The content you check on Prepostseo is secure and safe. We don’t save it anywhere. Your content belongs to you, and this tool doesn’t save it anywhere. 
  • There is a PDF and HTML format for downloading reports. You can view the information in full by clicking Download Report.
  • Plagiarism and originality percentage are displayed.
  • Click the Make it Unique button after checking for plagiarism.
  • Our paraphrasing tool helps you avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing your content.
  • PostSeo plagiarism checker conducts deep searches across the entire Web to detect plagiarism using its deep search algorithm.
  • The plagiarism checker is available in many languages, including Dutch, Spanish, and French.

3. Scribbr

Students consider Scribbr to be one of the best plagiarism checker tools in the market for writers. Since it checks your work against their extensive source database, it is designed to detect any type of plagiarism. A notable feature is the Own Sources Checker, which allows you to see auto or self-plagiarism quickly and easily. Even though this add-on tool requires a fee, it proves invaluable to students who have a manuscript to publish but are unable to cross-examine. 

Features of Scribbr 

  • The report includes an exact plagiarism percentage, a report of sources that match, as well as an explanation of how to improve your text.
  • In addition to securing their server cloud, Scribbr does not store your files in any database at all. 
  • With Scribbr’s plagiarism detection software, you can run a plagiarism check with greater accuracy every time you run it. 
  • Scribbr also supports twenty languages.

4. PlagScan 

As far back as 2009, it has been known for detecting plagiarism and has performed well. Depending on your needs, different plans are available for you to choose from to begin scanning. It is used as the best plagiarism checker by writers.

Features of PlagScan 

  • It lets you either paste your text directly into the box or upload a file directly for plagiarism detection. 
  • You can get as accurate a plagiarism scan as you need by using Yahoo’s BOSS-API. 
  • PlagScan provides you with a list of sources. 
  • This tool shows you color-coded reports with color-coded matches, allowing you to see your work and your comparisons on a single screen as you type. 
  • You can use it efficiently, accurately, securely, and conveniently. 

5. Quetext 

It is another best plagiarism checker for all types of writers in 2021. Quetext presents a more sophisticated method of analyzing contextual data and placing the words to pull out plagiarism. As a result, bloggers, teachers, writers, professionals, and others find it a highly preferred option.

Features of Quetext 

  • Quetext offers color-coded feedback that corresponds to exact matches and fuzzy matches for a monthly fee. This feature is easy to miss as common among plagiarism checkers but makes the software very convenient. 
  • In addition to the free scanning tool, Quetext’s ColorGrade feedback tool, contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, and conditional scoring will allow you to analyze up to 2,500 words or five pages of a document.
  • Their premium features include a downloadable report, custom URL exclusion, Interactive Snippet Text, deep search, and premium support, plus up to 100,000 words or 200 pages of their exclusive content.
  • Your data remains completely secure at Quetext as you scan for plagiarism since it is not stored in any database. 


Above, we discuss the five best plagiarism checker tools that writers use in 2021. Plagiarism checkers have great importance in content writing because you will not be assured and confident about your content without plagiarism checkers. So, make sure to plagiarism of your content before publishing your content. 

All plagiarism checkers are good for writers, but Prepostseo and plagiarism checkers are the two best for all types of writers in 2021. We explained the distinctive features of each tool that will help you choose the best plagiarism checker according to your needs as a content writer

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