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Clickbank Review

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If you have not come across a Clickbank review that covers all vital aspects of the platform, you have a reason to smile.

This review explains how Clickbank works, the countries it serves, the offers you can enjoy, how to register, the Clickbank University, and what other users have to say about it.

Of all affiliate marketing platforms, Clickbank is the best. You must have heard about this giant if you are into this form of marketing.

It is an online sales platform that has earned an excellent reputation from the time it was birthed in 1998 up to date.

Having been existence for more than a decade, you can be sure that it is the right company for you.

Here is a comprehensive Clickbank review that highlights the essential things you need to know. There is so much that you will gain learn from this review 

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The Operation Scope Of Clickbank

Clickbank is widespread, and you can use it as long as it serves in your country. It serves more than 200 million customers in more than 190 countries, and you likely come from one of those.

Clickbank services are at the international level and have earned a rank among the top 100 online retailers. You can be confident that your products get delivered to your doorstep.

In case you have been asking yourself.

Why the platform has not reached your country yet, it will set base in your locality sooner than you think. It keeps including new countries to its location list.

I can tell you that for a fact.

Clickbank helps customers to purchase various products from vendors and affiliates. There are multiple categories in the platform’s marketplace, and you can never miss an item in any niche.

Best of all

The categories range from Arts and Entertainment, Food, Education, Green products, Games, and many more. Most of these products are of high-quality to keep the orders coming.

But here is the important part.

Always do your due diligence on any product of interest. Additionally, check out the product reviews to be sure about the quality.

How to Sign Up On Clickbank

You can register as an affiliate to earn income passively by promoting various digital products on your blog or website.

I think that is quite clear.

Similarly, you can register as a vendor to host and sell digital products.

The registration process is free and straight-forward. All you are required to do is go to the Click bank website and provide all the information required.

That includes personal details such as your name, email, country of origin, phone number, and a strong password.

After doing that,

Accept on the terms and conditions, then click Sign up. After that, a welcome email is sent to you, and you can begin promoting products.

It is that easy.

You can also register from the sign-in window by clicking on Create an account here. Then fill in all the details and submit.

Clickbank sign in form

Amazing Offers You Can Enjoy From Clickbank

Clickbank is a trusted brand, and it is highly likely that you will find trustworthy affiliate partners here to move your products.

Besides that,

The platform has the right eCommerce and sales funnels to attract high traffic to your site.

There is also a money-back guarantee of 60 days, reducing the risk of losses for vendors. It is also ideal for hosting low-cost products with upsells.

Most importantly, Clickbank has amazing offers that you will not find in another affiliate program. They are explained in detail as follows.

  • High commissions
  • Timely payments
  • Promote upsells
  • access to advanced analytics
  • Select the products you want
  • Recurrent commissions
  • Create partnerships for increased income

High Commissions

The platform values its partners, and they work together with vendors to set the most competitive commission rates. You can earn a commission of up to 75%. 

Timely Payments


There are no delays hence payments are made in time. There are various payment options that you can use, and you can choose to be paid every week if you want.

Also, Clickback’s Hoplink enables tracking of goods, and you can get credit for sales made even when a customer waits for 60 days to buy a product after clicking your link.

Promote Up Sells

You can opt to promote products that offer buyers upsell options. Such products give more value to customers, and they also earn you more money.

Access To Advanced Analytics

Clickbank has advanced reporting tools. You can access comprehensive data regarding clicks, impressions, offers, and sales.

This data will enable you to fine-tune your marketing so that you increase your earnings.

Select The Products You Want

Clickbank gives you the freedom to promote the products you like. There are countless products in their portfolio and you can get good products that suit your target market.

Recurrent Commissions

Many products on Clickbank are sold on the basis of recurring subscriptions.

If a buyer continues with the subscription after purchasing the product, you continue earning cash

Create Partnerships For Increased Income

Clickbank’s joint venture approach makes splitting of earnings among affiliate partners easier.

You get to be in charge, and you can make profit-sharing ventures and contracts that work for you. Clickbank handles all the payments making the process easier for you and your partners.


Clickbank also offers 24-hour support to its partners. Whether you are a customer,vendor or an affiliate, you can get help with various topics or challenges.

Getting Training Through Clickbank University

Clickbank offers training to its affiliates and vendors to help them sharpen their skills and grow their earnings. That is through the Clickbank University platform.

Here, you can learn so much more about affiliate marketing. You can register from their website and get started on your training. Education is offered through videos, interviews, and tools.

A snippet of Clickbank  University Training video

The university’s ‘The Funnel’ presents various categories of the training, and each aims at earning the highest profit with each purchase. The categories are Front-end, Upsell (Clickbank builder and advance training), and Downsell (Clickbank builder and advance training).

Clickbank funnels

Other people also have something positive to say about Clickbank. Some are impressed about earning high commissions while others are surprised at how quickly the sales come in.


Truth be told.

Some people might not have positive comments. It is good to understand the cause of their problems before jumping into conclusions.

This Clickbank review affirms that Clickbank is the best affiliate marketing platform that you can ever find.

Can you make money with ClickBank?

Yes. You can make money with Clickbank using two main ways. create your own products and list them or promote other people’s products and get paid through a commission system

How much does it cost to join ClickBank?

People that want to sell products on Clickbank pay a one-time deactivation fee of $49.95 dollars and no monthly fees. For affiliates there are no charges.

How does click bank work?

As compared to other affiliate networks which draw in large companies, ClickBank gives a place for the little guys to work together to earn money. Digital product creators put their products into the ClickBank marketplace, and affiliate marketers create affiliate links to promote those products where they then earn a commission.

Does ClickBank pay per click?

No. Clickbank works on CPS module.That is, You get paid when a sale is made

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