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Fashion Blog Ideas

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Fashion is one of the biggest and most profitable industries today. Fashion blogs cover the fashion industry, clothing, and lifestyle. It can cover various things such as specific items of clothing, fashion trends, celebrity fashion blogs, street style fashion, among others. However, all bloggers suffer from writer’s block at some point in their careers. It can be a severe drain on precious time and cause you loads of stress. Some bloggers even opt for blog writing services to ease their burden. However, if you’re determined to write and are looking for the best fashion blog ideas, this post is for you.

Types of Fashion Blogs

There are various fashion blog ideas in the fashion industry. These ideas are categorized into different types of fashion blogs. It is essential to separate them so that readers can easily relate to your content and come back for more.

Moreover, separating them helps you build authority as readers trust your content.

Fashion Blog Ideas

How To Guides

They are essential in sharing complex skills, processes, and valuable information with large audiences. Some fashion blog ideas in how-to guides include 

  1. How to style a scarf
  2. Dressing for work
  3. How to find your personal style
  4. Looking expensive on a budget
  5. How to save money when shopping
  6. Shopping for vintage
  7. How to get a job in fashion
  8. Wearing more color
  9. How to start a fashion blog

Lists/ Listicles

They are articles written in list format. For example,

  1. 5 basics you need in your wardrobe
  2. 6 Skincare tips
  3. Top 10 places to shop for summer clothes
  4. 7 hacks for styling a scarf
  5. 15 must-have beauty products
  6. How to style jeans in 4 ways
  7. 3 must-have shoe collections
  8. 7 hair routines you should follow.

Sales & Promos

They are marketing blogs where a brand will use short-term campaigns to spark interest and create demand for the product or service. They include

  1. Fashion giveaways ideas
  2. Best Flash sale sites
  3. Free trial clothing websites in 2022
  4. Redeem limited-time free shipping for winter clothing
  5. Top 5 fashion coupon codes and offers in March 2022
  6. Buy one summer dress get one free at Verishop
  7. 99% off Fashion Nova coupons
  8. The ultimate guide to Black Friday

Budget Content

This is content that suits readers on a budget. They include

  1. Your favorite budget fashion websites.
  2. How to save money when shopping
  3. Top 10 budget fashion blogs to follow
  4. How to create a fashion budget
  5. Your top fashion hacks
  6. Your thrift shop finds
  7. How to run a fashion blog on a budget
  8. Try a no-spend challenge


Provide feedback on a particular product or service. For example, you can review the following;

  1. Beauty Products
  2. Jewelry
  3. Fashion brands
  4. Accessories like designer handbags
  5. Different outfits
  6. Fashion guides
  7. Fashion items.

Personal Content

They are blogs about the individual author and have a personal touch. For example, 

  1. Your jewelry collection
  2. Your ultimate holiday look
  3. Fashion trends you hate
  4. Your wardrobe tour
  5. Your shoe collection
  6. How you style specific trends
  7. Your biggest fashion fails
  8. Fashion trends you love

Outfit Guides

They’re basic rules and practices on a particular outfit. For example,

  1. How to dress for a classy dinner date
  2. What to wear on a beach vacation
  3. Spring wedding outfits for the bride
  4. Spring wedding outfits for the guest
  5. Workwear outfit inspiration
  6. What to wear on a black-tie event
  7. How to dress casually 
  8. How to rock the 80s look

General Guides

They are basic guidelines and practices in the fashion industry. Examples of fashion blog ideas in this area include

  1. Best places to shop
  2. What to wear in the gym
  3. Tips for dressing confidently
  4. Street style photos
  5. Fashion through history
  6. The best maternity fashion outfits
  7. Plus-size fashion essentials
  8. Accessories to match your outfit

Gift Guides

These are purchase recommendations that allow you to showcase your products and help prospective and existing customers make buying decisions during the holiday season. For example, 

  1. 10 memorable gifts for a Gemini
  2. Gift guide for your best friend
  3. 12 Fashionable Christmas Gifts
  4. 20 gifts for the most stylish people on your list
  5. 13 pieces that prove jewelry is a great gift idea
  6. 15 fashion gifts you would never guess under $100
  7. 10 fathers day gift for the most fashionable dads
  8. 2 online gifts for fashion moms 2022

Guest Posts/ Interviews

They introduce your readers to bloggers who are authoritative in the industry and can provide value to them. Examples of fashion blog ideas for interviews include interviewing the following people; 

  1. Personal stylist 
  2. Fashion blogger
  3. A Model
  4. Fashion designer 
  5. Fashion illustrator 
  6. Garment expert
  7. Fashion buyer 
  8. Fashion writer  

 Lifestyle Content

It is related to a particular way of living. For example,

  1. 7-morning routine rituals for a successful day
  2. Lessons learned from following outfit guides
  3. 10 habits to start to become a fashion blogger
  4. How to set goals for your fashion blog ideas
  5. 5 style tips to rock this summer
  6. The fashion blogger’s outfit guide
  7. Strategies for your fashion routine
  8. Outfit ideas for different jewelry

Seasonal Content

This is content based on a specific season, upcoming holiday, or significant event. Some fashion blog ideas include 

  1. Best swimwear for summer
  2. Wedding outfits for guests
  3. Gift guides for fashion lovers
  4. Famous outfits this spring
  5. Seasonal sale picks
  6. Holiday lookbook
  7. What to wear during fall
  8. How to style winter outfits.

Starting a Fashion Blog 

The following are steps to starting your blog after choosing fashion blog ideas. 

Create your blog

Creating a blog will allow you to share your unique content with your reader. A fashion blog should be bold, beautiful, and on point. Therefore, you need to choose a blog template compatible with your message. Moreover, choose a fully customizable one that can be edited to match your themes. 

The next step is choosing a color scheme. For example, you can use an online palette generator to choose dominant colors to complement your blog. In this case, you can look at other fashion blogs for color inspiration. 

When crafting your blog logo, ensure it describes your concept. For example, if it’s a street fashion blog, choose a blog logo that is a bit edgy. Finally, your blog should represent your brand, including the name. Therefore, choose a fun name that will get readers interested.

Get a hosting plan & domain name

A webspace is important because visitors will then access your site.  Therefore, you need a web hosting server to make your site live. Web hosting provides space to hold all your data on its server, keeping your site fully functional. Many of them are online; therefore, choose one that meets your needs.

The domain name is a representation of your brand. It’s also the first impression visitors will have of your brand. Therefore, own your domain name so that it gives you credibility and helps you brand yourself. Also, ensure it is professional and memorable so that you make a great first impression. It should also be closely associated with your blog’s concept. Keep your domain name short and simple, avoid hyphens and excessive numbers, and finally, be descriptive and creative. 

Select a niche

There are various niches in the fashion world. From street fashion to preppy fashion.  Hence, depending on your preference and personal experience, choose a niche that suits you and your audience. Focusing on a niche will help you build authority in the field. It also increases the chances of connecting with the right audience. 

Write & publish high-quality content 

Choosing your niche will help you narrow down topics that’ll relate to your audience and encourage them to return for more. Your goal as a fashion blogger is to attract visitors to your blog. Therefore, research topics that’ll provide value to the reader. Furthermore, you can ensure a reasonable retention rate for your blog by creating quality content that meets or exceeds their wants and needs. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO can help improve your content and your blog’s position within the search results, ensuring that you’re being found by users interested in or who may find value in your content. As such, you can perform some keyword research, and you’ll find different terms people use when looking for answers in your field. You can then implement these targeted keywords in your content. Therefore, this will boost your blog’s search performance and online visibility.

Promote & grow your reach 

Writing your blog content is not the end of the road. You need to ensure that the content reaches the target audience. Therefore, the most popular way to promote your blog is through social media and email marketing. 

There are many active users on social media; therefore, you can use this to your advantage. For example, include links to your blog in your social media profiles and share blog posts on your social channels.

Moreover, you can make blog posts easy for your readers to share by adding the social share button.  This process allows your brand to increase online visibility and grow your audience. 

Email marketing, on the other hand, builds engagement with your blog and turns visitors into loyal customers. Once visitors are on your site, encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list or newsletter so that they can get alerts on exciting things on your blog. 

A graphic illustration of a girl shopping: Fashion blog ideas

Writing a Blog Post 

After choosing one of the fashion blog ideas above, use the guidelines below to write a creative blog post.

Brainstorm ideas

This is an informal and relaxed approach to problem-solving. It increases the richness of ideas explored hence finding quality content for your blog post. As a matter of fact, some great strategies for brainstorming ideas include looking for hobbies and cross-referencing them with the fashion industry. Moreover, you can also get another perspective by reading about what other fashion bloggers are writing and reviewing your old fashion content. You can also use Google’s suggestion, and the People Also Ask section to find gaps in the fashion industry and fill them.


Your blog posts should be logical and cohesive if you hope to satisfy the needs of your target audience. Thus, a blog post outline can help you stay on track and organize your thoughts and make it easy for readers to engage. 

SEO keyword research

This is researching and selecting the most appropriate target keywords to help you rank in search engines. Furthermore, doing this will help you create content that people are searching for, which drives more traffic to your blog and lets you promote your product or service.

 Create a catchy title

The title of your article is your content’s first impression to your readers. Therefore, a catchy title will quickly grab your readers’ attention and entice them to read your blog post.

Check your word count 

You have a higher chance of ranking in Google if you write long, high-quality blog posts of at least 1000 words. Moreover, Google has more clues to determine what your content is about, and the longer your optimized text, the more often your focus keyphrase appears.

Provide internal and external links

An internal link is a link that points to another page on the same blog. On the other hand, external links point to your blog or vice versa. Internal links are essential because they give structure to your website hence increasing your SERP ranks. Moreover, they boost the user experience as users easily navigate your site, creating a smooth website experience. On the other hand, external links improve credibility, especially if you have backlinks with high domain authorities relevant to your site. They also help you build Google’s trust, become an authority in your field, and build your online reputation. Thereafter, you get more visitors to your site that turn to prospects.

Break your post into short sections & paragraph

Large paragraphs can discourage readers, but shorter ones are easier to read and understand. Experts recommend paragraphs of no more than 150 words in three to eight sentences. 

Add a CTA at the end

A CTA is like a signpost that tells the reader what to do next. As a result, it can help you guide your visitors through the buying journey and directly impact your conversion rates.

Optimize your images

Image optimization reduces the size of an image without affecting the quality.  Optimizing images for your blog reduces the overall page load time by 80%, helping you rank highly on search engines. 


Proofreading improves the quality of your blog post, ensuring there are no mistakes and correcting general errors or writing inconsistencies. 

Categorize & tag your post 

Categories allow you to broadly group your fashion blog ideas while tags describe your blog post in detail. Otherwise, tags and categories help structure your content. They associate keywords to specific content. Not only does this help users navigate your website more quickly, but it also directs search engines to your website content. 

#Step 1Brainstorm Ideas
#Step 2Make an outline
#Step 3SEO Keyword Research
#Step 4Create Catchy Title
#Step 5Check your Word Count
#Step 6 Provide Internal & External Links
#Step 7Break your post into short sections and paragraphs
#Step 8 Add a CTA at the end
#Step 9Optimize your images
#Step 10Proofread
#Step 11Categorize & tag your post
Writing a blog post checklist

Making Money From Your Fashion Blog


Most, if not all, fashion blogs depend on ads to generate their revenue. Moreover, Google Adsense allows you to easily display ads on your website and make money from your blog, even for a beginner. 

Affiliate marketing

This form of marketing will enable you to recommend the best products to your readers and earn a commission when your users purchase the product. Therefore, you need to find fashion products and brands with an affiliate program like Amazon affiliates to be successful in this area. 

Offering members-only content

People love exclusive content. Therefore, you can offer premium content to paying members while other readers can get your regular content. For example, you can give your exclusive members a sneak peek at a fashion launch. 

Publish sponsored content

When your fashion blog develops a decent social media following, brands may sponsor you to market their products or services. This is a green area as you can make six figures for just publishing sponsored content. More experienced fashion bloggers with a large following set their prices for sponsored content which often proves highly lucrative in the long run.

A graphic illustration of a girl in sunglasses: Fashion blog ideas


Blogging is a fun hobby that can become so much more. However, coming up with blog posts can be exhausting. Therefore, you can grow your fashion blog into a noticeable brand with these fashion blog ideas. With our list of ideas, you’ll soon have blog posts for your fashion blog to last a while and earn from fashion blogging.

How long should a fashion blog post be?

Between 900 to 1000 words. Whether you’re discussing fashion style or trends, this should allow you to cover the topic without giving irrelevant information.

Do Instagram fashion bloggers get paid?

Yes. However, it depends on your level of influence and the brand in collaboration. A fashion blogger with more than 1 million followers can earn between $10,000 and $40,000 per post.

How do fashion bloggers afford all the clothes?

They don’t have to. Most successful fashion bloggers promote sponsored content where brands pay them to promote products. Therefore, they either receive free items or, in exchange, for a discount.

How much does a fashion blogger earn?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ in the fashion world as there are different fashion bloggers, each with a unique brand voice and identity. However, the average pay is $3,000-$6,000 a month.

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