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How To Get More Views On YouTube

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I started my YouTube channel because Marques Brownlee got me totally inspired. Even though I planned on making funny cat videos and not some techy stuff, I thought I had the tips and tricks to get to MKBHD success levels at some point. In this article, I will show you how to get more views on YouTube using simple techniques.

Honestly, I did a lot of heavy lifting and implemented numerous tips and strategies. Unfortunately, my hard work and diligence did not make my channel generate more than a thousand views each month.


Not all tips and tactics actually work.

If you want to amplify your brand’s message and get more YouTube views, this post is for you. I have rounded up some of the surest ways to make easy wins and attract more viewers.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Upload Compelling Content

Advertising your videos on all social media channels and even implementing tons of tips to attract new viewers is awesome. However, you are not likely to win the hearts of people if your videos are simply not good.

Compelling content is always the key to gradually growing your fan base and get more views with each passing day. Creating videos that are captivating to the viewers is also important when you’re doing link building for your videos.

To get the attention of your viewers and hopefully get them to subscribe to your channel, you could try creating ‘how-to’ videos.

Find out what potential customers want to watch and create top-quality videos that match their needs.

In short, you must focus on consistently creating content that meets the needs of your viewers or solves their problems.

In case you are not sure of their needs or issues, just ask them. You will be surprised by the feedback you get once you start asking your viewers what they want and need.

Optimize Video Titles

This is a no brainer tip. Just like Google, YouTube is also a search engine. You, therefore need YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) for your channels to be more visible.

The algorithm of YouTube considers a range of critical aspects when choosing the videos that appear on the first page of search results.

Fortunately, there are surefire ways to optimize your videos, channels, tags, descriptions, titles, and file names for better visibility.

To get it right, you need to know the ideal keywords to use for a better YouTube rank.

From my experience, the best way to unveil the most relevant keywords is by typing potential phrases on the search bar and copying the autocomplete phrases.

Another powerful tool that can come in handy is Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Optimize Your Channel

Channel optimization is crucial to increasing your YouTube views and generally promoting your brand. Again, there are more than a few proven ways to optimize a YouTube channel. They include:

  • Spruce up your brand aesthetics
  • Optimize your channel’s description
  • Link your social channels with your website and social media pages
  • Include strong channel keywords
  • Use video trailers to highlight the best features of your channel

Promote Your YouTube Videos on Social Channels

Your followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among other popular social media channels, can turn into your loyal Youtube viewers.

Inform them about your current videos and also notify them whenever you upload new content.

To get their attention, create a teaser video that runs for a minute or so. Remember to include a link to the full video on your YouTube channel.

Also, promote your videos on relevant blog posts as well as your brand’s website.

The power of YouTube video email marketing must not be underestimated.

Send an email to your subscribers each time you upload new content. The whole idea is to cross-promote your videos by taking advantage of other marketing channels.

Create Playlists

By implementing the above tips, you have an almost 50% chance of doubling your YouTube views.

Creating a playlist will then ensure that people keep watching other exciting videos on your channel.

According to YouTube statistics, the brands that perform best on this channel build and promote hundreds of playlists yearly.

You have certainly seen the Auto-play button on YouTube, right? Well, this is the secret behind playlists helping YouTubers to flourish.

Most people will just continue watching videos on a playlist they find enjoyable.

Ask Viewers To Subscribe

Think of this as a customer retention tactic. After all, you not only want to attract new viewers but also create a loyal fan base.

Each new subscriber can drastically increase the views you get for every new video you release.

So, how do you get YouTube viewers to subscribe?

It’s simple. Just ask them to do so at the start and end of your videos. Also, encourage them to turn on the notification bell so that they are notified whenever you have new videos that could interest them.

Use End Screens And Cards To Promote Other Videos

To promote your channel and videos and get more views on YouTube, you ought to make use of cards and end screens.

These are power tools that are accessible to YouTubers who have verified their accounts. They make it easier to present calls-to-action in your videos.

Nurture A Community

YouTube is so much more than just a search engine that focuses on videos. It is also one of the best social networks that allow you to actively engage your loyal fans.

So, how do you nurture a community?

The first thing you ought to do is respond to comments. Other viewers will also be encouraged to drop their comments too if they are assured of receiving a response.

Additionally, strive to be an active member in your niche community. You can do so by subscribing to relevant channels in your niche, sharing their videos with your audience, and even leaving comments.

Engaging authentically and generously will not go unnoticed. This is, by far, the surest way to attract viewers who are passionate about a specific niche.

It may seem a little counterproductive to promote the videos of other YouTubers. Well, this will also earn you Watch Time credits and ultimately improve your ranking.

Another superb way of nurturing an active and loyal community and getting more views on YouTube is by engaging your viewers directly. You can do this by holding price draws or contests.

For instance, you can offer your viewers a chance to enter into a draw and win one of your products if they share your video on their Facebook pages.

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How do you increase your YouTube views?

The tricks are simple. All you have to do is write engaging and SEO optimized titles, Know what your audience wants, engage with your audience, customize your thumbnails,target the SERPS and finally run contests

How do you get noticed on YouTube?

Just make sure you do the following; Engage In The Comments of Other Videos. …
Make Your Tags With SEO In Mind.
Create Effective Descriptions
Use Evocative Thumbnails.
Avoid Cliches With An Effective CTA.
Polish Your Channel’s Appearance.
Socialize with other YouTubers, and Use Apps to Get Ahead.
Create Topical Response Videos

Do hashtags work on YouTube?

Yes they do.

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