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Lifestyle Blog Names

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A lifestyle blog is an online platform inspired by a blogger’s daily life, personal interests, and areas of expertise. Most lifestyle blogs create content to inspire followers and emotionally connect with the reader. Lifestyle blogs are essential today as they provide tips and various information not limited to travel, health, food, education, parenting, and beauty. Starting a lifestyle blog is easy however creating lifestyle blog names is challenging, especially with writer’s block. 

A blog name indirectly speaks to your readers as it shows what to expect in your blog. After all, the blog name is the first thing a reader notices. Moreover, there are various lifestyle blogs today; therefore, standing out in this competitive world needs creativity. This, however, usually proves difficult for some people who then choose to use blog writing services to ease their burden. If this is you, you can use this to take the load off.

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Lifestyle Blog Names

They are divided into the categories shown below, 

Unique lifestyle blog names

Writing about the things you love doesn’t get better. We created this list of unique lifestyle blog names to inspire you. Lifestyle topics are broad, ranging from pets to fashion to health & fitness and relationships.

  • Woman at work
  • Art and style
  • Vegan For Life
  • Make that change
  • Times habit
  • Fur real friends
  • My Champion Chip
  • Kill my Bill
  • Sunsets and Screams
  • Reset Daily
  • Red Streaks
  • Yellow Field Day Out
  • Life Loved
  • Soul Searcher
  • Shining Souls
  • Heels and Champagne
  • Challenging orange
  • Trending for a reason
  • White and Upright
  • Living as an Introvert
  • Ambivert on the Go

Fun lifestyle blog names

A good blog name will help you attract more visitors to your site. Therefore, the following are fun lifestyle blog names for inspiration, 

  • LifeStyle Co
  • The Bourgeois
  • New Carnet Co
  • Luxurious luxuries
  • Finances on the Go
  • Pain No more
  • DIY Dreams
  • The Laughing Introvert
  • Roaring Hippie
  • Voyage with me
  • Stranger Dreams
  • Decoding Fashion
  • Troubleshooting Life
  • Limitless Living
  • DIY your space
  • Dad hustle
  • Gym Rat
  • Pretty Passion
  • Millennial Myths
  • Gin O’Clock
  • Battling Toddlers
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Catchy lifestyle blog names

It takes time to create quality content, but you also need a catchy name that summarizes your blog’s purpose. Therefore, we have a list of catchy lifestyle blog names below.

  • The Blonde Abroad
  • Digital Diary
  • Happy Hour
  • Delicious body
  • The Gym Bunny
  • Lifestyle local
  • Xtreme life
  • Adulting 101
  • Ambition today
  • Vanity Bites
  • Finding Puddin
  • Emotional flair
  • Daily snippets
  • Pretty pearls
  • Temptation Tempress
  • Good Going Gone
  • Bettering the Batter
  • Just Eat It
  • Hippie On A Roll
  • Strawberries and Cream

One-word lifestyle blog names

Blog names should be short and straightforward. Therefore, the following are our one-word names, 

  • interBabe
  • upBlog
  • Changelings 
  • Blogify
  • Weblog
  • Bloggerly
  • BlogBabe
  • BlogBuzz
  • BloGuyz
  • InterFan
  • Oriented
  • Bliss
  • Inspire
  • beachBlog
  • Austere
  • Lavish
  • Hectic
  • Affluent 
  • Modern
  • Relaxed 
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Best practices for naming your lifestyle blog

Below are some practices you should incorporate when choosing a name for your blog.

Brainstorm your ideas

Narrowing down your blog name ideas is often the most challenging part of starting a blog. Once you’ve identified your blog’s niche, you can begin to think about the closely related words to your blogging topics. Therefore, start brainstorming words that relate to your content topics. 

Identify your niche

Before starting a lifestyle blog, you need to research the niche you’re going to blog. For example, is it a beauty lifestyle blog or a pet lifestyle blog? Take time to discover other prominent people in the industry and discover what’s working for them. 

Do your research

If you want to develop good lifestyle blog names, check out your competitor’s blogs and learn more about their blogging strategies. Moreover, think about how your blog will stand out from others. You can also find out if any of the blog names you were thinking about are available. 

What is your message and brand?

If you’re starting a blog, there’s probably something you’re passionate about and want to share with the world. Therefore, if you identify your purpose for starting a blog, you’ll have a good foundation for coming up with a brilliant blog that relates to your overall message. 

Examine your target audience

When finding lifestyle blog names,  ensure you find names within the common ground between you and your reader. For example, what will your readers read? The crossover point between what you want to write and what they want to read is the bridge you should aim for to cultivate relationships with your blog readers, 

Use blog name generators

If you’re having a hard time thinking of blog names, there are entire websites dedicated to helping you name your lifestyle blog. Blog name generators are free tools that provide domain suggestions and related keywords based on a keyword input by users. Moreover, they let you know the availability of the names. Some of them include Namify, Panabee, and Nameboy

Elements of a good lifestyle blog name

If you want to create a good lifestyle blog name, keep these in mind:

Keep it short

Short names are easy to remember and help reduce the chances of typing errors. Therefore, a good domain name can use below 20 characters or try not to use more than three words.

Should be unique

We recommend choosing a brandable name as they tend to be unique. They should be unique so that you can stand out from the competition. It can also help you avoid legal trouble. 

It should be legally available

Before submitting blog names, ensure it isn’t subject to trademark or copyright issues. For example, if you’re in the US go to the Patent and trademark office website and search the trademark database, then go to the copyright office and explore the copyright database.  

Should be flexible

They should be flexible enough to pivot from one topic to another. This way, you’re not stuck talking about the same thing over and over in your blog. 

Should embrace your personality

They should reinforce your brand identity, build your authority and ultimately promote your personality. For example, if your lifestyle blog is about dogs, you can call it furrealfriends.com. This describes your blog’s mission and goals.

Importance of good lifestyle blog names

Below are the reasons why you should have a good lifestyle blog name:

Create an identity

A blog name is your identity. It is what people know you by, and you don’t want an identity that misrepresents who you are. Therefore choose lifestyle blog names that represent your company best and its legitimacy. 

Making your lifestyle blog memorable

Good lifestyle blog names act as a first impression of your blog. Therefore, a short and easy-to-spell term makes the title more memorable to the visitor. 

Acts as a motivating factor

For example, why did you create the blog in the first place? Is it just a creative outlet or an SEO engine to drive traffic and sales?

It is easy to search

Users will search your blog name to find your blog. Therefore, short blog names with no numbers or hyphens make it easier for visitors to access your blog and return. 


Finally, there you have it, plenty of lifestyle blog names ideas. I hope these have given you some inspiration for naming your blog. Therefore, consider them when you’re ready to start your blog.

Is lifestyle a niche?

Yes. It is inspired by a blogger’s daily life, personal interests, and areas of expertise and usually includes content in more than one niche or interest. 

Can lifestyle blogs make money?

Yes. If your lifestyle blog gets popular enough, you could be rewarded with brand sponsorship, display ads, affiliate income, and income from doing services for others. 

What does lifestyle content consist of?

It consists of high-interest topics such as health and fitness, beauty, fashion, food, arts, travel, and entertainment.

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