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Marketing Blog Ideas

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Marketing has become increasingly complex in today’s business world, with new channels and technologies emerging daily. And if you’re new to the marketing world, especially as a blogger, you may feel a little overwhelmed. There are so many aspects to this field. Learning about the industry and developing excellent marketing blog ideas is a good start. 

So what exactly is marketing? Marketing is the process of creating value for a company through the creation and distribution of products or services. One of the most popular is digital marketing. Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses digital devices, such as computers, smartphones, and the internet, to reach potential customers. It typically involves using online tools, such as email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing, to reach potential customers.

This blog post will introduce you to the basics of marketing and share excellent tips on getting some ideas for your blog. So whether you’re just starting your career or looking for fresh marketing blog ideas, we guarantee you’ll leave with what you’re looking for. Let’s get into it!

Marketing Blog Ideas: The Division 

Marketing blogs are a dime a dozen these days. With so many businesses vying for attention online, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. With a bit of creativity, it is possible to create a marketing blog that is both informative and engaging. The key is dividing your marketing blog ideas into their different purposes. It will make developing new ideas easier when you have a specific goal. 

So next time you’re stuck, look at some of these purposes below that you can use to categorize your blog ideas. 


It’s essential to divide your blog ideas into categories based on their usefulness. That way, you can focus on the ideas most likely to generate leads and sales for your business. For example, some blog ideas may be great for developing traffic but not so great for conversion rates. Other ideas may be better for building brand awareness but not drive sales. By focusing on the most valuable ideas, you can maximize the impact of your marketing blog and get the most bang for your buck.

For this purpose, you can use how-to blog posts. Some examples include:

  • How to perfect your marketing resume
  • How to successfully network and sell yourself
  • How to nail a marketing interview
  • How to make your website stand out from your competitors


As a blogger, before you embark on your next blog post, it’s essential to think about who your audience is and what they want to read. That’s because a human-centric approach to blogging will help you create more engaging and relevant content that resonates with your readers. You should take the time to understand your audience to develop ideas that address their specific needs and pain points. As a result, they’re more likely to keep reading and even share your content with their network. You can also use this approach to write about the impact that marketing has on people’s lives. So ensure you take the time to brainstorm marketing blog ideas that cover all of these different angles, and you’ll be sure to produce informative and engaging content.

For this purpose, you can use different blog post types. Some examples include:

  • The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion In Sports Marketing.
  • Fresh Approaches to Create Content Your Customers Want.
  • The contribution and importance of women and minorities.
  • Using Inspirational quotes to build your team’s confidence.


Another way to help you come up with blog ideas is to use a generous mindset. This means you need to focus on giving value to your readers rather than trying to sell them something. Of course, you can still include calls to action in your blog posts, but make sure that the overall tone is one of generosity.

Why is this so important? Because people can sense when you’re trying to manipulate them, and they’ll quickly lose trust in you. On the other hand, if you focus on providing value, you’ll build rapport and trust with your readers, ultimately leading to more sales. So next time you’re brainstorming blog ideas, keep the spirit of generosity in mind – it could make all the difference in the success of your blog.

For this purpose, you can use listicle blog posts. Some examples include:

  • Five tricks to learn Social media marketing at home.
  • 10 Social Media Marketing Secrets You Need to Get More Clients.
  • 7 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business.
  • 8 Effective Branding Tips.
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In today’s marketing landscape, having a solid online presence is more important than ever. And one of the best ways to promote your business is through a marketing blog. By regularly sharing blog articles, your content reaches new potential customers, builds trust with your audience, and boosts your search engine ranking. Your blog articles need to be well-written and engaging to be genuinely effective. You’ll need to ensure that your articles are informative and intriguing – giving you the best chance of driving traffic and conversions.

Some marketing blog ideas for this include:

  • Giveaways to the followers to share the article.
  • Free shipping of our branded mug.
  • Sales discount for purchasing a house plant.
  • Year-in-review post highlighting the company’s best moments


Looking to come up with fresh ideas that will get people talking? As a marketing blogger, you know how difficult that can be, so controversy is a valuable tool. When you take a controversial stance on an issue, and if you can back up your position with facts and logic, you’ll get people talking and earn respect for your point of view. Of course, it’s essential to tread carefully when dealing with controversial topics. You don’t want to alienate your readers or offend anyone. But if you can find the right balance, using controversy in your marketing blog can be a great way to get attention and start exciting conversations.

Examples of blog post ideas include:

  • Is money the root of all evil?
  • Poverty vs. capitalism
  • Is scamming a career to take?
  • Socialism vs. Capitalism


Now it’s time to think outside the box and find ways to make your content engaging and entertaining. After all, nobody wants to read a boring marketing blog. Using an entertainment approach, you can capture your audience’s attention and keep them returning for more. 

For example, you could use humor, story-telling, or even pop culture references to make your blog ideas more enjoyable to read. Taking this approach will allow you to stand out from the competition and be more likely to attract and retain readers. So if you’re looking for a way to make your marketing blog more successful, consider this approach. It just might be the key to success.

Examples of blog post ideas:

  • The best work party ideas for your colleagues and employees.
  • Where Is the Line Between Creepy and Creative in Advertising?
  • The best movies and tv shows about marketing.
  • How entertainment influencers are shaping the marketing world.
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If you’re a marketing blogger, you know how important it is to develop fresh marketing blog ideas regularly. But it’s not enough to simply have ideas – you also need to be timely in your approach. 

Why is timeliness so important? Because the world of marketing is constantly changing, and you need to be able to keep up. Your readers will quickly lose interest if you’re constantly behind the times. On the other hand, if you can show that you’re ahead of the curve, you’ll keep them coming back for more.

Some examples of blog post ideas include:

  • The art of influencing brand visibility.
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Evergreen Content marketing.
  • The history of marketing: past, present, and future. 
  • Current trends in the marketing industry


Rather than simply thinking about what you want to say, engagement marketing focuses on understanding what your audience wants to hear. What problems are they trying to solve? What information are they looking for? By taking the time to understand your target reader, you’ll be able to develop blog ideas that are relevant and engaging. As a result, you’ll see improved traffic, leads, and even sales results. So if you’re struggling to come up with blog ideas, remember to start with your audience first. 

Examples of blog posts to use include:

  • Documenting a day in the life of a digital marketer.
  • What not to do during a meeting.
  • Frequently asked questions for people in marketing.
  • A collection of client testimonials.

How To Find Marketing Blog Ideas 

Now it’s time for you to find an excellent way to stay on top of the latest industry trends. And if you’re a marketing blogger, you know how finding good blog ideas can be a challenge. After all, you can’t just write about the latest marketing news – you need to find a way to make your posts interesting and engaging. 

Fortunately, there are a few key tactics you can use to help you scale your marketing content. 

Carrying out competitor analysis

As any marketing blogger knows, one of the best ways to come up with ideas for blog posts is to carry out a competitor’s analysis. It involves closely examining what other bloggers in your industry are doing online and seeing how you can do better. 

Ahrefs is an excellent tool for doing this, as it lets you see what topics are being talked about the most. You can also use Ahrefs to find out who the influencers are in your industry and then reach out to them to collaborate on a blog post.

By conducting a competitor’s analysis, you can get a feel for what topics are relevant in your industry and which ones might be worth writing about on your blog. Of course, it’s important not to copy your competitors too closely – but this analysis is a great way to get inspiration for fresh and engaging blog post ideas.

Using Google Search Console

Google search console is a powerful tool that can be used for blog ideas. Using the keyword planner, you can research what people are searching for and target those keywords in your blog posts. You can also use it to see what topics are being talked about in your industry. Keeping an eye on these trends ensures that your blog is always relevant and informative. In addition, the tool can help you identify any technical issues with your website to fix them and improve your SEO. Therefore, Google search console is a great way to get ideas for marketing blog posts.

Performing keyword research

Regardless of your blogging niche, you want to write something that will resonate with your audience, but you also don’t want to spend hours upon hours researching and writing only to find that no one is interested in what you have to say. That’s where keyword research comes in. By taking the time to understand what people are searching for online, you can better understand the topics that are most relevant to your audience and save yourself a lot of time in the process. Plus, by including relevant keywords in your blog post titles, you can also help your post show up in search engine results, giving you even more exposure. So if you’re struggling to come up with marketing blog ideas, keyword research can be a helpful tool for getting your juices flowing.

Check Quora or Reddit

As a rule of thumb, you should always be on the lookout for new blog post ideas. There are a lot of great resources out there. The best one to use is Quora. On Quora, you can find questions about any topic under the sun. And because it’s user-generated content, you can be sure that the topics people are asking about are ones they’re interested in. Similarly, Reddit is another excellent source of blog post ideas. There are countless subreddits dedicated to marketing, and many of them feature threads where users ask for help with specific problems or challenges they’re facing. 

By monitoring these forums, you can get a pulse on the issues and topics that are top of mind for your target audience. So if you’re ever struggling to come up with new blog post ideas, be sure to check out Quora and Reddit. With time and effort, you’re sure to find great ideas that resonate with your audience.

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Some Marketing Blogs To Look At 

As you begin your journey as a marketing blogger, we will provide you with excellent marketing blogs to get you started.


HubSpot is a great place to start as a marketing blogger. It is a great marketing blog that covers a wide range of topics related to marketing, from marketing strategies to campaigns to measurement. 

In addition to articles, HubSpot also offers e-books, webinars, and other resources on marketing. Whether you’re looking for ideas for your next marketing campaign or tips on measuring your marketing results, HubSpot is a great resource.

Content Marketing Institute 

Content Marketing Institute is a great place to start if you’re looking for marketing blog ideas. CMI is a leading resource for content marketing news, tips, and resources. Their blog covers a wide range of topics, from developing a content marketing strategy to creating killer marketing content. In addition to helpful posts, CMI also offers webinars, e-books, and other resources to help marketing professionals stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices. Whether you’re just starting content marketing or a seasoned pro, CMI is a marketing blog worth checking out.


Moz is yet another blog worth checking out. They cover many topics, from SEO and content marketing to social media and email marketing. And they provide actionable tips that you can use to improve your marketing efforts. Plus, they have a great community of marketing professionals who are always happy to help and offer advice. So if you’re looking for a marketing resource to help you take your business to the next level, check out Moz.

Social Media Examiner 

Social Media Examiner is another marketing blog covering a wide range of topics. They offer tips and advice on how to get the most out of social media marketing. The blog also features interviews with leading experts in the field and case studies of successful marketing campaigns. The blog is updated regularly with new content, making it an essential resource for anyone interested in staying up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in social media marketing.

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Final Take!

Any digital marketer worth their salt knows the importance of fresh content. A marketing blog is only as good as its most recent post, and stale content can quickly lose readers’ attention. It’s crucial to balance evergreen and time-sensitive content. Therefore, with the guidelines we have provided, you now know how to start your marketing blog by dividing your marketing blog ideas into purpose and the various methods to use when searching for blog ideas. So, wait no longer. Get started on your blog today! In fact,  Content Clerks is here for any consultation, and we will help you map a perfect plan to suit your blog needs. 

How did this article help you? Do you have any other questions about starting or maintaining your marketing blog? Let us know in the comments below, and share this post with your friends and followers who could use guidance with their blogs.

Can a blog be used for marketing? 

A blog can be a great marketing tool because it allows you to connect with your customers and promote your products or services.

What are the best blog post ideas to gain new business?

Use posts that offer helpful tips or advice related to your industry.
Write posts that showcase your work.
Use posts that feature interviews with satisfied customers.

What makes a blog successful?

Successful marketing blogs have a clear focus, know their target audience, and cater their content accordingly. 

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