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Probably not the first time that you are hearing aboutTextbroker. It is a content writing platform similar to Content Clerks. Let’s do a TextBroker review to see how it works.

The content writing industry is filled with many companies, and it can be difficult to tell the good from the bad. Many people have had horrific experiences that have left them confused. These companies write content like blog articles, website content, product reviews, and many more.

Doesn’t sound so promising! However,

There is hope, thanks to content sites likeTextbroker and Content Clerks. These are companies that have earned excellent reputations for the many years it has been in existence.

This Textbroker review will highlight the highs and lows of the platform and leave you to decide whether it is a great place to find content or not.

I bet you will find it a great place.

So what makes it a top destination for content creators?

Textbroker enables buyers to outsource various content, including product descriptions, blogs, and advertising content.

All the content is SEO optimized, giving your website a chance to rank highly. The content is also error-free due to the proofreading service that identifies all errors and plagiarism and corrects them. 

Working with Textbroker is also rewarding because the expert writers have what it takes to write basic articles that require little explanation and research.

They can also deliver in-depth articles that need extensive research and deep descriptions.


The platform handles all the processes, and you are saved from administrative costs, not to mention the challenges that come with managing freelance writers.

Textbroker also handles different topics, and you will get your order delivered on time.

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Placing An Order

The first attractive aspect of Textbroker is that you can sign up free of charge. Additionally, you can get content written by experts across industries.

Additionally, the ordering process is easy. Through Textbroker’s self-service platform, you can place three types of orders.

Types of orders on textbroker

OpenOrder is the most affordable option. Here, you can submit your project to various writers, and you control the price and quality level.

There are four writer quality levels; two stars, three stars, four stars, and five stars. The higher the level, the more the quality of the content, and the higher the price.

Textbroker gives the client a variety of options to select. It is ideal for people that would not prefer to work with specific authors of those that are cost-conscious. 

DirectOrder allows you to select the author of your content. All experts have experience and expertise in various fields, and it is up to you to choose one that seems perfect for you.

Then, you send the order directly to the writer and also negotiate the prices and delivery terms directly with the writer.

TeamOrders allow you to undertake projects with your team of choice. You are permitted to choose experts that you work with over a period, and you have control over the content and pricing as well. If you have large projects to handle at once, this is a great option.

Content buyers who want their content written in various languages can also smile. Textbroker has a managed service that translates or writes your content in any language. You will need a minimum of $1000 to get the job done.

During order creation, you must provide essential details, including order type, level of quality, deadline, and order briefing. Then, clients are expected to deposit funds in their accounts.

Textbroker is trustworthy and will refund you any cash deposit that you will not use to buy content. Finally, place the order and wait to receive it.

What follows after this is that.

Textbroker will review your application and make sure that it meets their criteria before accepting your order.

It is essential to be reasonable as writers are in a race against time. You need to provide short and clear instructions so that the writer can grasp the concept fast and produce relevant content.

If your order description is not right, your order will be rejected, and you are expected to correct it accordingly.

This precaution has led to some clients writing negative Textbroker reviews. However, it is a significant step to protect the writers.

Revision Orders

Textbroker is flexible when it comes to revisions. You can order for a revision if the content delivered is not satisfactory. You have 96 hours to accept the content or request for correction.

If you miss this window, the article is automatically received, and the money is deducted from your account.

Additionally, you cannot reject the first draft as a writer is given a chance to make corrections through revision. The revision is submitted within 24 hours.

When the revised content is submitted, you can accept it or reject it if you are not pleased. In case of rejection, Textbroker editors will check to see whether the article meets your order specifications.

Why is this?

That is because some clients are not keen when giving instructions, or they make changes after their work is submitted. If the revision is due to a writer’s fault, the content is modified to suit client specifications.


If the responsibility lies with the customer, it is only fair to clarify that and sort the issue with the customer. Buyers need to understand the terms and conditions for such matters to avoid any misunderstanding.


The prices depend on the writer’s level and the type of order. Level one will cost you as little as 1.5 cents per word, while degree two will cost you two cents per word.

That is affordable, but keep in mind that the quality of content is a little lower compared to the other levels. You will pay from 2.7 cents per word for level 4 authors and 7.2 cents per word for level 5 authors.

It is better to invest more in quality than spend less money on content that you will spend so much time editing.

Textbroker’s managed services need you to have a minimum project budget of $2500. It is worth it as it entails having an editor review all your bulk content before it is handed over to you.

However, Textbroker is more expensive as compared to other content writing sites


Textbroker is an excellent website that you can get your content despite having some downsides.

It is better than most content creating companies because it has a variety of options to accommodate different buyers. It is evident in the following Textbroker review is full of positivity.

Can you make money on Textbroker?

Yes. If you are good writer, you will definitely get some good pay. Writers are paid per word. However this also depends on the writers level. For example level 3 get 1.00 cents per word while a level 4 writer gets 1.4 cents per word.

Textbroker legitimate?

The simple answer is yes. Although one can decline a project as the customer and the writer are not employees of TextBroker. Payment is always on time since that is controlled by Viewpoint capital broker and when work is done payment is guaranteed.

Can I use Textbroker in India?

Yes, the only thing that you have to prove is that you have proper knowledge of the English language. Therefore you must pass an assessment test.

How long does it take Textbroker to rate articles?

That takes between 2-7 days .

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