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WriterAccess Review

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Finding quality content for your blog or website can be a daunting task. That is because there are many sources, some of which are not to be trusted. However, a detailed Writeraccess review is going to make this easy.

You might be asking yourself. How do I know? Well they say experience is the best teacher.

Many have invested in content writers only to get shoddy work. However, there are some famous names in the industry, and different people have varying opinions about them.

WriterAccess is one such website that provides written content and has gotten much attention.

However, it is vital to understand the nitty-gritty of the website before making a judgement. This WriterAccess review discusses the pros and cons of the website in detail, and you can deduce whether the site is legit or a hoax.

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Writter access homepage

Like a majority of content writing websites, buyers can register for free on WriterAccess. They have access to a 14-day trial that allows them to catch up with the platform.

This gives you time to evaluate their services.

You can cancel the package anytime you want. However, a membership fee is charged once the trial is over and you are required to pay monthly.

That is more expensive compared to other sites whose membership is entirely free.

WriterAccess has overwhelming benefits. There are many skilled writers on the platform, and they can write any content in any category or niche.

They can write anything from books to newsletters, banner ads, blog posts, proposals, email copy, Facebook posts and many more.

Whatever type of content you want, they can handle it as mentioned in the WriterAccess review below.

Type Of Content That Writer Access Produce

Snippet of what type of content that writeraccess produce

Placing Orders

Steps of placing an order on content clerks.

WriterAccess is user friendly, and clients can easily place and receive orders. The best thing about it is that even first-time users can get around the website quickly.

What makes it even better is.

You can request a demo and get to see how the process works. You can also watch a video and get a complete tour of the website.

That way, clients understand the processes faster and cannot get stranded.

When ordering for content, you are required to fill out the WriterAccess order template. It is quite straightforward, and you fill information such as type of material, industry, eligible freelancers, pricing, timelines and content details.

You can select a particular writer, a group of writers or the whole group of freelancers.

WriterAccess staff can recommend expert writers with relevant experience, and they can bid for the work as well.

What is more,

You can place a casting call. The casting call allows clients to find writers by specifying project details and writers with the minimum star level specified can send applications to them.

Once you find competent writers, you can add them to a Love List and send them future orders. You do not have to keep looking for new writers every time.

Once you place an order, you are required to pay, and the work is sent to the writers either as crowd orders, solo orders or love list orders.

Crowd orders are sent to any writer that is ready to work on them and belongs to the given star level or higher. 

Solo orders and love list orders are given to a writer directly, or several writers and any of them can claim the order first.

Approval And Revisions

WriterAccess gives clients ample time to go through the written content. The period for customer approval is provided when creating an order, and a writer can view it before claiming the order.

They can choose approval periods of five, seven, ten or 14 days, depending on the type of membership. 

  • Basic – 7days
  • Pro Business – 10 days
  • Pro Agency – 10 days
  • Managed Service – 14 days

However, Basic and Pro Business customers can opt to pay a premium and get more approval time.

Customers can request for revisions as many times as they want if the content, they receive does not meet their expectations. Clients can also exclude the writer and request for another or get a refund.

When a revision request is placed, the article is returned to the writer with revision comments. When the writer delivers the content again, the approval period is reset.

If you are still dissatisfied, then you do not pay. Some writers have high revision ratings, something that some clients dislike.

WriterAccess also cares about client opinions and allows them to rate the work. They can rate orders when they approve of them.

If the orders are auto-approved, a customer is given 14 days to provide the rating. If the period expires, it ranks as “met expectations”. Some clients might rate “did not meet expectations”. Such remarks are investigated by WriterAcess staff to determine if the comments are justifiable.

Writer Access Vs Content Clerks Pricing

WriterAccess Pricing plans

WriterAccess offers clients various membership tiers that they can buy. These are the Basic, Pro and Premium memberships.

Each plan comes with multiple tools and approval periods rand you can select the option what favours you.

The Basic plan is the cheapest of all programs at $39/month, but it is only for a single user and comes with essential tools. Also, it targets the general market.

The Pro membership plan will cost you $79/month while the Premium plan will cost you $99/month. The two are more advanced than the basic program.

Writer access Monthly payment plans
Monthly pricing programs

WriterAccess also offers three managed service plans. These are the Essentials, Advanced and Custom plans. The Essentials plan costs $349/month while the Advanced costs $749.

The custom plan allows you to set custom prices so that you do not pay for extra services that you do not need. If you need additional services provided such as platform integrations, these are good options.

However, to register for these plans, membership is required. You can also cancel the programs at any time.


WriterAccess seems to offer so much more compared to other content writing websites. The quality of content is satisfactory, and the prices are affordable. However, it all depends on what you look for in a content writing company.

The review highlights critical aspects of WriterAccess, including how it works. You can be the judge after understanding them.

Is writers access legit?

It is very legit. So far no writer or client has complained of the site. As long as you work and deliver good quality , you will get paid.

How much does scripted pay writers?

Most freelancers earn about 10 cents per word. However they fully control the workload and the pricing.

Is Textbroker legitimate?

It is very legit. as they pay on time and they are very reliable.

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