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Travel Blog Ideas- Find Creative Ones

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Everyone has a country or continent they’d want to visit. The internet has made the already small world even smaller by bringing its beauty closer to the audience through travel blogging. However, for an upcoming travel blogger coming up with travel blog ideas that will resonate with your target audience can be challenging since there is a lot to be covered from the accommodation, tourist attractions, nature, and cities. Some bloggers choose to seek help from blog writing services. Even so, this blog post will categorize the different travel blog ideas to make the starting phase of this beautiful adventure easy and comfortable. 

Categorizing Travel Blog Ideas

As a travel blogger, listing your travel blog ideas is just the beginning. Subsequently, categorizing the listed ideas into their necessary groups according to subject types, audience groups, geography, and their strategic value for specific purposes will ensure you create a detailed content calendar for your travel blog. This content calendar serves as a framework for your blog and its key in;

  1. Prioritization of important blog topics
  2. Remembering key dates
  3. Organizing yourself and your work
  4. A better understanding of your audiences by noticing patterns
  5. Becoming confident in attaining long term goals

That being said, below is a list of travel blog ideas by category for you to choose from. 

Destination Travel Blog Post Ideas

  1. 10 best beaches in the world
  2. 5 Must travel to countries
  3. City travel guides
  4. Destination for On A Budget Travellers
  5. Top city restaurants for travellers
  6. The best fun activities in a city
  7.  Must learn languages when travelling across Europe
  8. Ten countries with favourable travelling climates.

General travel blog post ideas

  1. Tips for booking flights
  2. Key travelling essentials
  3. Travelling Tips for Solo Travelers
  4. Tips when travelling with children
  5. Travelling Hacks
  6. How to travel across the world without money
  7. Travel mistakes to avoid
  8. Tips for staying healthy while travelling
  9. How to save money while travelling
  10. Funny and embarrassing travel moments

Travel Accessories Blog Post ideas

  1. 5 best travelling suitcases
  2. How to buy travel accessories on a budget
  3. A Travel Accessories Checklist
  4. 10 Must-have travel accessories
  5. 5 books to read while travelling
  6. How to keep your accessories while travelling
  7. 10 Game changer travel accessories
  8. 5 best cameras for travelling

Seasonal Travel Blog Post Ideas

Summer blog post ideas

  1. Destinations to travel to during summer
  2. Must carry accessories for a summer travel
  3. Top countries with favourable summer conditions
  4.  Five summer countries you can travel to without a visa
  5. Fun activities to do during a summer travel vacation
  6.  Must carry clothes for a summer vacation travel
  7. Festivals happening during the summer
  8. Must carry foods during a summer travel

Fall blog post ideas

  1. 10 Best Fall Vacation Places
  2. 5 reasons why fall is the best travelling season
  3. Why are there few travelling crowds during fall
  4. 10 festivals that come during the fall season
  5. Type of foods available during the fall season
  6. Which countries have the best fall seasons
  7. The benefits of travelling during the fall
  8. 7 Health benefits of travelling during the fall season

Winter blog post ideas

  1. Top 10 destinations during winter
  2. Is the Winter Season a Bad Travel time?
  3. 6 best winter vacations
  4. Why do people travel during winter
  5. Tips for travelling during winter
  6. 10 advantages of travelling during the winter season
  7. 12 essential winter travel packing list
  8. Top 5 experiences one should experience during a winter travel

Spring blog post ideas

  1. Reasons why spring is the best travelling time
  2. 20 beautiful locations to visit during spring
  3. 10 countries to travel to during spring
  4. Spring Travel packing Essentials
  5. How to prepare for your spring season travels
  6. Reasons why spring records a low number of people travelling
  7. Accessories necessary for a spring travel
  8. 10 advantages of travelling during spring
A graphic illustration of people skiing: Travel blog ideas

Holiday Travel Blog Post Ideas

  1. Top destinations to travel to during the Christmas holidays
  2. Countries with the best Christmas culture celebrations
  3. 5 Ideal holidays for travelling
  4. 10 Holidays that record the highest number of travellers
  5. 7 ideal tips for travelling during the holidays
  6. 6 healthy tips for travelling during the holidays
  7. How to Plan for your holiday travelling
  8. 5 Best Holiday travel airlines

Tips for Starting a Travel Blog

Looking at successful travel bloggers, you’ll realize several things played a role in their success. You, too, can become successful through the following ways;

Establishing your brand

Establishing a successful brand, you ought to understand what your brand’s audience will be. Similarly, this can be achieved through researching your target audience to help you understand the travel blog ideas they’d be interested in reading. In fact, it would be best to research your competitors to identify gaps present and how to fill them. Lastly, choosing a logo, a catchy tagline, colours, and fonts for your brand is necessary. 

Naming your blog

Naming can be difficult, but it’s possible to hack it in various ways. For example, researching to check if the name you have in mind is already used and copyrighted, looking through your competitor’s blog names to find ideas, using words relating to your travel blog’s niche or even using your name.

Choose a blogging platform

You will need a blogging platform that you can easily set up and use without difficulties. The following are five top blogging platforms with their key features that you can use;


This platform offers a free trial plan with an upgrade option for premium plans. Its features include; Custom domains that show traffic stats to your websites, social media integration, and a variety of personalized themes.


Medium.com offers you the opportunity to publish your travel blog ideas without having to stress yourself about coding, design, and domain. There is also a feature to attach an additional channel to share your content. Medium’s features include; Its free content monetization when it’s read, social media integration, and the ability to integrate various media forms.


A free blogging platform that offers a secure and reliable means of blogging. In fact, its key features include; free or custom domain, design templates that are easy to use and using Google to store secure media files.


It’s not only a simple website builder but also powerful. Its key features include; Media management, free personalized templates, social media sharing, and SEO tools to help rank your website.


This platform enables one to control and maintain blog sites easily. Some of its key features include; SEO optimization, customized templates, mobile responsiveness, freedom to design, and availability of third-party integrations.

Create a content plan

A content plan acts as a framework for your travel blog ideas. Moreover, creating one will help you stay disciplined, focused, and consistent in creating content helping you achieve your long-term goals, including blog monetization.

Start Writing

As a blogger, expect phases where you’ll face the writer’s block challenge. However, you can overcome it by thoroughly researching your travel blog ideas, choosing your keywords, writing your title, outlining the sections of your articles, and working on your first draft before later editing your work to check grammatical mistakes, adding missed out points, and removing points that aren’t necessary.

Tools for Travel Bloggers

A tool is equipment that helps in carrying out specific functions. When travel blogging these tools will help you in the researching process, creating good content and increasing traffic to your blog. Examples of these tools include;


It involves using keyword research tools and SEO tools to help boost traffic to your travel website. They connect the demands of your target audience to your website. Therefore, through key search, you’ll identify specific keywords amongst your travel blog ideas that have been googled over a certain period and from which parts of the world. Also, Keysearch will help you understand how to place your keywords in your blog strategically. Examples of Keysearch sites include; Google keyword planner, Microsoft advertising intelligence keyword planner tool, and Google & Bing.

Jasper AI

It’s a copywriting tool that depends on Artificial Intelligence to create persuasive and attractive texts for your blog and social media platforms. It’s beneficial to a blogger as it; Helps create regular quality content for you who is struggling. Also, it makes the content creation process easy and saves time.

Google Trends

Travel bloggers can use this tool to access free data that will enable them to understand what travel blog ideas are interesting to their audiences. In fact, it checks keywords and their performance in your targeted geographic region. It also helps you create content calendars by identifying seasonal trends for you.

Pinterest Trends

This functions in a similar capacity to Google trends. It enables bloggers to view which keywords people search for on Pinterest within a set period.

How to Promote Your Travel Blog Post Ideas

Search Engine Optimization

This process helps a website rank higher in search engines, therefore increasing traffic. Organic search traffic is among the many ways a website’s content gets discovered. It can be increased by;

Link Building

This is done by adding relevant links from other websites to your blog posts. 

Structuring content with targeted keywords

The relevant keywords can appear in the page structure, title, page URL and headers.

Social Media Marketing

Entails using different social media platforms to market your travel blog to a wider audience. This marketing includes creating content and posting in pictures and videos formats. Therefore, the content should entice an audience to visit your blog and read the specific post and others. Also, sponsoring your social media posts to a wider audience reach and directing them to your website.

Email Marketing

You will need to send marketing materials such as photos, posters and promo videos via email that will help redirect the people on your email list to your website. You can also use email marketing to send adverts, newsletters, cart abandonment campaigns, and promotional and seasonal campaigns to help a blogger monetize from the website. 

How to Monetize Your Travel Blog Ideas


This involves a company/brand paying for a space for a product or service to be marketed and promoted on your website to drive business growth. In fact, companies offering travel services and products can approach you to publish their products and services adverts on your website. Therefore, the amount you will charge them will depend on the amount of traffic on your website.

Affiliate Marketing

Is similar to advertising, where a company pays bloggers to advertise their products/services to generate sales. The difference is that in affiliate marketing, commissions are paid on leads that convert into sales. As a blogger you will have a special code the buyer will use when making the purchase or service.

Sponsored Posts

This involves writing review content for a company’s product or service. When a company launches a new product or service,  sponsored posts help them reach a wider market.

Freelance Services

As a talented writer, a different company or brand may approach you, asking for your help to develop content on specific subjects for their website. The content can be travel-related or not.

Sponsored Travel

Through sponsored travel, a company caters for your transport costs to a location with the aim that you will publish a blog about them or give them a shout-out on your social media pages. Furthermore, this action is aimed at driving traffic in the sponsor’s direction.

Selling Products

With your already published travel blog ideas, you can create a digital magazine for sale. You can also sell merchandise with your brand’s name, logline, and pictures.

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Travelling has been and is still a hobby. We can now equate the evolution of the internet to a full-time job that allows one to travel around the world, experience it, write about it and make money out of it.

How profitable is a travel blog?

A travel blog is very profitable in terms of money-making, knowledge acquisition, and building connections worldwide.

How much does it cost to start a travel blog?

Starting a travel blog won’t break your bank as it only requires money that you’ll use for your blogging platform and creating a logo. An approximate estimate of 30 USD.

How do bloggers get paid?

Travel bloggers get paid through advertising products and services, commissions from affiliate marketing, sponsored trips, and selling products.

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