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Twitch Affiliate Review – Everything you Need To Know

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Twitch is a game streaming service that is a subsidiary of Amazon. On Twitch, players game online while creating a streaming channel where their audience will watch while playing the games.

Twitch offers ardent gamers a chance to make money while doing what they love most, which is gaming.

So how do the gamers earn money?

In the Twitch affiliate program, one will earn a commission each time a person from his or her audience makes a game purchase or an in-game purchase while gaming.

If you are a pro gamer and you want to make money from it, this article is for you. Read on.

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How Do You Become A Twitch Affiliate?

Unlike other affiliate programs where you log on to a website and register to become an affiliate, Twitch operates in a different manner. Twitch loves to collaborate with gamers that it feels can help the platform grow.


Gamers or streamers that exhibit some level of consistency in accessing the platform attract the eyes of the Twitch affiliate team. 

To become an affiliate you will need to meet some requirements. First, you need to have at least 50 followers in the past 30 days. Secondly, Twitch will check to see if you have at least 500 broadcast minutes on the platform.

They also check if there are at least seven unique broadcast days on your network and finally if you have an average of at least three concurrent viewers. 

If you satisfy these conditions,

Twitch will then send you and invite to become an affiliate within two weeks of confirming that you meet the above set threshold.

As an affiliate, it is important to note that if your Twitch account shows a 12-month inactivity, Twitch will remove you from the program.

How Does The Twitch Affiliate Program Work?

As mentioned in the previous section, the Twitch affiliate program offers its affiliates a number of ways through which they can earn. The number of ways that you can earn is as follows. 

  • Sales of games
  • In-game Sales 
  • Bits 

Sale Of Games 

The Twitch affiliate program allows you to promote its video games and in the process make some money from that. Twitch offers its streamers a chance to purchase games they feel interested in.

To make the process of selling the games more efficient,

Twitch invites its streamers to join its affiliate program. When you help the platform market its games through your network, you will earn up to 50% of the revenue that comes from the sale of the games. 

In-game Sales 

Twitch differentiates itself from other affiliate programs by offering a couple of ways that you can make money on the platform.

Aside from the promotion of games, in-game sales are another method through which you can earn commissions as an affiliate while on the Twitch platform. 

When you stream a game on Twitch, your network members will want to know which additional features or tools you are using in a particular game.

These features are essential in unlocking certain levels and also in making the play much simpler. If the members of your network want to purchase any of the in-game features that they saw you play with, they can do so through your network. 

As a Twitch affiliate, you can facilitate for the members of your network to buy these features more easily.

For any network member that makes such a purchase, you will earn up to 50% commission on the value of the purchase that they made. This amount, however, excludes any VAT. 


Bits refer to other virtual items that you can find online in a particular game broadcast on Twitch. Viewers can buy these bits from the Twitch platform through your particular stream. 

As a Twitch affiliate, this offers you a chance to make extra earnings when this happens.


you can make up to 50% commission through the sale of bits through your affiliate account. 

Benefits Of A Twitch Affiliate 

A Twitch affiliate benefits from a couple of things when compared to an ordinary streamer on the platform. The following are some of the perks that come with being a Twitch affiliate. 

  • Extra Emotes 
  • Broadcast Storage
  • Dedicated Financial Support

Extra Emotes 

It is hard to think of a broadcast on Twitch without the chatroom that makes it even more interactive. In these chat rooms emotes are the best chance to drive conversation and take charge of them.


Participants with the most emotes are the most interactive in the chatroom. As an affiliate on Twitch, you will receive extra emotes each month. 

Broadcast Storage 

To make your network more desirable, it is vital to offer your members a chance to view your previous gaming videos. As an ordinary member, this is a difficult thing to do.


As an affiliate, you will get up to 60 days storage for past broadcast. This extra storage allows you to offer valuable content to your network from your archive.  

Dedicated Financial Support 

As a Twitch affiliate, Twitch will make extra effort to offer you the much-needed financial support. This dedicated financial support will come in terms of tech support in the event of delayed payouts or glitches in funding your account.  

In Conclusion, 

Besides it being an affiliate program,

Twitch is also more of a social media network for gaming enthusiasts. While the Twitch affiliate program allows you to make some money gaming, you are also able to make some new friends from your network while you game through the streaming service. 

Is it hard to become a twitch affiliate?

Becoming a twitch affiliate is not a hard process as long as you are a good gamer and you have a good following. If people are watching you, then it is easy to join the program.

Can I multistream as a twitch affiliate?

No, you cannot multistream once you become a twitch affiliate.

What’s the difference between twitch partner and an affiliate?

Once you join Twitch affiliate program, the more you build an audience and earn more, the higher the chances of becoming an affiliate partner.

Can I lose my twitch affiliate?

As a Twitch affiliate, you can lose your status on Twitch if your account is inactive

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