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Unbounce Review

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What is Unbounce? Unbounce is a landing page creator that optimizes your pages for conversions. It also enables you to engage further with your target group by deploying sticky bars and pop-ups. The following Unbounce review will help you to understand more.

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As much as there are other landing page creators Unbounce still stands tall. Luckily, this Unbounce review discusses all you need to know about Unbounce features, including their pros and cons and how they work.

You will be better placed to make your judgment after reading it.

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Unbounce features and how they work

Unbounce is primarily known as a landing page builder, but it has a range of features that are essential for creating and optimizing a landing page such as split testing.

The features are discussed in detail below.

  • Landing pages
  • AMP landing pages
  • Pop-ups and sticky bars
  • A/B testing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Smart Traffic
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Lead form builder
  • Pricing

Landing Pages

Unbounce landing pages feature

Unbounce’s drag and drop editor is user-friendly. Anyone whether tech-savvy or not can use the tool to create pages as no coding is required.

The builder allows you to add, delete, and personalize any section of your landing page in a few clicks. You can select appropriate images, fonts, and media to make your pages attractive.

Unbounce enables you to engage your mind and bring out your creativity. 


You can copy and paste elements from one page to another. That helps you save time as you do not have to recreate pages from scratch. Once pasted, you can make a few modifications that you want for the new page.

Similarly, you can clone and edit your best performing landing pages and use them for new campaigns. You also have full control of the page, and you can add branding elements without restrictions.


Unbounce facilitates quick publishing as you can publish directly on WordPress or other custom domains.

However, you can add custom scripts and pixels if you are a professional in web design.

You can use HTML, JAVAScript, CSS, and other languages to create the pages. Also, Unbounce’s script manager helps you apply your scripts on multiple landing pages saving you time and energy.

Another aspect that stands out about the editor is;

It has over a hundred landing page converting templates for users. There are pre-built templates that you can use.

These templates are professional and classy, and you can never fail to find one that is perfect for your business.

Also, you can create personalized templates in the pre-built ones are not ideal. Unbounce’s templates are 100% mobile responsive as well. 

AMP Landing Pages

unbounce AMP  feature

You can boost your conversions by building AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), whose loading speed is 85% faster than the standard mobile pages.

This is really awesome because.

There are no delays, and customers can get to the check-out page quickly. The benefits of mobile sales are evident, and Unbounce helps you utilize them.

You only need to ensure that your mobile view is as excellent as your desktop view.

Pop-ups And Sticky Bars

Unbounce helps you boost your conversions significantly. You can prompt your page visitors with personalized pop-ups and sticky bars that have relevant offers.

A/B Testing

This testing is one of Unbounce’s optimization tools, and it comes with all the payment plans.

You can create A/B testing campaigns in a few clicks to test various pages and smaller variations, for instance, particular elements like your CTAs. That helps to maximize the performance of your landing pages.

Reporting And Analytics

Unbounce ensures that you get insights regarding the performance of your landing page and split tests.

You can view the analysis reports from your dashboard. However, you can integrate Unbounce with Google Analytics for the best results.

Doing integration is not difficult. You just need to get a website tracking identification code from Google Analytics and insert it into Unbounce’s Script Manager.

That is it. Then, create event measurements to monitor user conversion actions such as clicks on your call to actions. Some Unbounce reviews suggest that the integration process is complicated. 

However, it is vital to follow the integration procedure provided on their website to avoid problems.

Smart Traffic

What is even exciting is.

It is an AI-driven feature that automatically analyzes the attributes of every visitor and leads them to the most significant landing page.

The tool uses attributes such as user location. Optimization starts with as little as 50 visits.

Dynamic Text Replacement

The Dynamic Text Replacement feature addresses all your landing page customization needs.

It matches your landing page copy to the keywords that users type before they click on your Pay Per Call ads. That should be combined with dynamic keyword insertion from Google Ads.

You can create paid search campaigns that align user intentions at every interaction. That boosts relevance, and your messages will trigger user interest and convert large numbers.

Setting up Dynamic Text Replacement entails selecting the text or phrase and click the ‘Dynamic Text’ button. After that, define the text that will replace the default text.

After that is done, confirm the default text that should be displayed when the Dynamic Text is not active.

Lead form builder

Unbounce has an in-built form builder that permits you to add lead generating forms to any page.

That is an added feature that most of the other landing page creators do not have. However, some Unbounce reviews suggest that the feature does not perform its intended job correctly. 

Fortunately, you can integrate Unbounce with tools that are designed explicitly for creating forms such as Leadformly in case the in-built form builder falls short.


Unbounce pricing plans

Unbounce has three plans; The Essential plan costs $79/month while the Premium and Enterprise plans cost $159 and $399+/month, respectively.

The difference between the plans is with the number of landing pages and pop-ups that you can create.

The Essential plan limit is eight sticky bars and 75 landing pages, a reasonable limit that most small enterprises require. Also, both the Essential and Premium packages have a restriction of 500,000 unique visitors per month.

Unlike the Enterprise plan, the Essential plan does not support AMP landing pages and some advanced pop-ups, as well as advanced features like page migration and audit logs.


The review has discussed the core functionalities of Unbounce, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these aspects will help you decide if this landing page builder suits your needs. 

An Infographic showing Unbounce Landing page Features and how they work
Unbounce Features

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What is Unbounce landing page?

This is a campaign specific landing page with one single call to action.

What does Unbounce mean?

This is the ability to reverse the bounce rate which is the goal of every marketer.

Is Unbounce free?

Unbounce gives you a 14 day trial period with no restrictions and you are not obligated to continue after the period.

What is on a landing page?

This is a page on your website where you can offer a resource to a potential customer in exchange for their information.

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