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Wix Blog- How to Start Blogging On Wix

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If you want to learn how to start blogging on Wix quickly, this article is for you. It not only gives an overview of what Wix is all about but also the steps to get your blog started.

Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

In this digital era, blogging is essential, especially if you are in the online marketing sector. Additionally, you might want to start an educational or corporate blog.

It’s no secret.

Blogs offer a platform where you can share your expertise, improve SEO by increasing traffic to your site and answering the questions of your readers. Whatever your reasons for blogging, you need a reliable tool.


Wix provides a range of features to enable you to create your dream blog. If this platform is new to you.

Here are some of the ways to start blogging on Wix.

The Fundamentals Of Wix

Wix is a web-building tool that is cloud-based. Currently, over 100 million users utilize this platform across the world. Large numbers are attracted to Wix due to its user-friendliness.

Whether you are a beginner without technical expertise or an expert in website building, the tool is ideal for you. You are not required to do any coding since the platform mainly works using drag and drop tools.


Wix supports website development across all niches. There is a range of templates, features, and tools that allow users to design unique websites for promoting their services, applications, or businesses.

What is even better is.

They are mobile-friendly too. It does not matter the field you focus on as you can utilize it for personal blogs, online store marketing, and entrepreneurship.

But, wait. Let me tell you something. Turns out.

The best quality that makes Wix the platform of choice is its flexibility. It provides users with multiple ways of creating blogs. You can select a template and customize it to meet your needs using the Wix editor.

On the other hand,

You can make use of the Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) tool. Wix also integrates with various apps and tools that help grow your site. All these features make Wix your favourite blog creator. 

Starting Your Blog With Wix

By now Wix is proving to be a platform to consider.

After understanding Wix in detail, it is time to create a professional blog for your business.

The process only takes a few minutes as you have all the tools and features you need for your brand.

Check out the guide that you should follow to do that.

  • Select a template or add a blog to your site
  • Customize your design
  • Pick a name for your blog
  • Get a host for your website
  • Connect to your domain
  • Add your first blog post
  • Tailor-make your SEO title and description
  • Organize your blog
  • Come up with a publishing schedule

Select A Template Or Add A Blog To Your Site

If you do not have a website, there is no need to worry.

You can quickly create one with Wix. There are hundreds of customizable templates, most of which are inbuilt.

You can use Wix ADI to design your blog. All you have to do is answer some questions, and Wix ADI will create a blog tailored to your needs.

Pretty simple. right?

Also, it is possible to add a blog to an already existing Wix site. You just have to go to the App market and add the Wix Blog.

Customize Your Design

Now you are one step into owning a blog. What’s next? Let;s find out.

You need to ensure that your blog page design is in line with your brand and requirements. To achieve this, pick your blog in the Wix editor and click on Settings.

Here, it is up to you to change the layout, fonts, menu design, background, and colour. Be very particular with the fonts. They need to fit well with your website.

Pick A Name For Your Blog

Your name should complement what your brand is all about. You need to include keywords on your blog name as that helps emphasize the significant ideas of your blog.

Additionally, the title should be unique. Confirm whether your name has been used by doing a quick search online. Adding a blog name on Wix is easy. You just have to follow the following steps

  • Go to Wix Editor and select Menus and Pages
  • Select your blog and Show More
  • Click rename and type your blog name

Get A Host For Your Website

Your blog content can only be viewed if you do web hosting. You can get secure hosting for free with Wix once you publish your site or blog.

And guess what?

No installation is required, and you automatically get 500MB bandwidth and cloud storage of 500MB. If you want more storage space, you are free to upgrade.

Connect To Your Domain

Your domain is like your internet address. People type your domain on the browser to reach your site. It is essential to include your brand name and keyword in your domain.

It should be simple so that readers can easily remember it. Wix allows you to buy a new area or connect one that you already have. 

Add Your First Blog Post

Now you blog is ready. what follows is creating your first blog post. And how do you do it?

From the blog manager, move to ‘Create New Post.’ Add your blog content and customize it with images, videos, fonts, and other features.

Your content should include Call To Action (CTA) information to inform readers what they are required to do after reading your blog. Common CTAs include ‘Create an account’ and ‘Subscribe.’

Tailor-make Your SEO Title And Description

 You need to use keywords to inform search engines and readers what your blog entails. Your title is displayed when a person enters a search title on Google.

It should be less than 60 characters. Your description appears after your title and should summarize your blog. Try to make it not more than 160 characters.

Organize Your Blog

After posting several blogs, consider how you want your blog structure to be. Blogs that have a good structure enable users to navigate your site fast, and they might spend more time reading your content.

For instance, you can create categories to organize large numbers of posts under the same topic. Each group should have about 10-20 posts. Also, use about 5-15 hashtags to describe your keywords more.

Come Up With A Publishing Schedule

Now you have already dived into the blogging world.

Publishing frequently ensures that your blog is up to date with the freshest posts. Blog as often as possible but be realistic as you do not want to post boring or mediocre content.

You should set a posting schedule based on your capabilities. However, keep in mind that blogs attract most readers on Monday mornings, while those that are published on Thursdays are shared by most readers.


Wix is the best blog creator because it is user-friendly and efficient. If you are interested in knowing how to start blogging on Wix, understand the fundamentals of Wix is and follow these nine easy steps described herein.

Is Wix good for a blog?

Wix is an amazing blog due to it’s user friendliness features which allow anyone to create a blog even if you do not have any coding experience.

Can you create a blog on Wix?

Yes, this is very easy. You just have to go the Wix editor and in the Wix blog menu, select ” create Post”. From there you can also edit the blog on the Wix editor.

How do I find a blog on Wix?

You just have to open the blog manager and then enter the search term.

Can you have 2 blogs on Wix?

This feature is not currently supported.

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