A comparison between WIx and Squarespace

Wix Vs. Squarespace

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If you are torn between Wix vs Squarespace, your decision making has been made easy.

Just stick with me and let me explain.

Wix and Squarespace have earned a good reputation when it comes to website building. That goes even without saying.

That is because they are user friendly, and anybody can create a website from scratch without having any advanced technical skills.


Wix provides a DIY approach and grants the user freedom to make decisions. In contrast, Squarespace provides a modern and stylish approach. Both platforms are ideal, and it is difficult to pick one.

But don’t worry.

The following are the core differences between the two platforms in terms of user-friendliness, design, features, blogging, personalization, SEO, eCommerce, and pricing.

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Here is an in-depth evaluation of their differences that should help you in decision making. 

  • User-friendliness
  • Design
  • Personalization
  • Features, tools, and apps
  • eCommerce
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Blogging
  • Pricing
Differences Between WIX And Squarespace
Less technicalMore technical
you cannot change a template unless you rebuild your web copyYou can change your website’s template at any time without changing your web copy
You can only work with one template; otherwise or risk changing the site’s content.More freedom on what to do with the templates
Has an App storeDoes not have an App Store
Has an inbuilt SEO guideDoes Not have an inbuilt SEO guide
Has in-built blogging tools like email campaigns and blog postsHas blogging tools such as category support, scheduled sharing, and multiple author contribution.
More flexible payment plans (Seven)Has only four payment plans


When it comes to user-friendliness,

Both Wix and Squarespace are easy to use because of their drag and drop features. A user can select the elements they want, such as maps, images, and text boxes and drag them to any position on the page.

The elements appear just as placed once published.

Wix is purely a drag and drop builder and is a favourite for beginners. Wix’s beginner-friendly approach does not mean that the platform is boring to use.

Even tech gurus can enjoy using Wix’s original features to work. In my opinion it makes work easier.

Additionally, if you are not up to the dragging and dropping task, you can let Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) do this for you.

All you are required to do is to answer some questions to inform the ADI of your specifications.

Then, you can have your site created in a matter of minutes. The good thing is that you can make modifications later on and try out other styles if you want.

On the contrary,

Squarespace is a bit more technical than Wix. While Wix provides a DIY approach that gives users much freedom, Squarespace requires that you grasp some concepts to create your site.

The good news is.

The features are easy to use and you can quickly grasp its operation if you have the patience and even the slightest technical confidence.

Squarespace also has its Artificial Intelligence tool to help you.


Wix’s and Squarespace’s design features will not disappoint you. Wix has over 500 breath-taking and professional templates that you can choose from.

What makes them even better is.

They cover a range of industries from Health and wellness, Business, Organics, Fashion, and many more. You can never miss a template that suits your business perfectly.

What is more,

Wix templates can be used in the advanced mobile editor. You can personalize your desktop and mobile view easily.

However, you must be keen when selecting a template because you cannot change it unless you rebuild your web copy. Therefore, choose wisely.

In contrast,

Squarespace has more than 60 uniquely designed templates across various industries. They are professional looking and modern as well.

They are fewer compared to Wix’s, but the quality is amazing. For instance, you can change your website’s template at any time without changing your web copy. Also, all templates are mobile responsive.


Although Wix and Squarespace have great templates, you have to personalize them if you want to communicate what your brand is all about.

Wix’s drag and drop editor makes it possible to place elements wherever you want in a few clicks.

However, keep in mind that you can only work with one template; otherwise, changing to another means that you change your site’s content.

Squarespace also gives you freedom over your template, and most features are already in-built.

However, you can still customize further using the CSS Editor. You can use it to change colours, fonts, and backgrounds to make them unique.

Also, Squarespace allows you to change templates even when your website goes live. The existing content is transferred to the new template as it is. You probably need to adjust it just a little to make it look perfect. 

More so,

Squarespace makes rebranding and face lifting processes easier as your brand grows. You can install several templates making it possible to make modifications and preview them before switching templates.

You can compare the new and old look and make a final decision.

Features, Tools, And Apps

Creating a website is exciting, but you need to perfect all aspects. Here is where the right tools and features come in.

Personalization tools can help you play around with the colors and fonts.


The right features and apps can give your website the upper hand. For instance, eCommerce features allow you to sell digital and physical products online.

Both Wix and Squarespace have advanced features that make your website stand out.

Wix’s App Market offers over 200 apps giving users the freedom to select the ones that work for them. 

On the other hand,

Squarespace has no app store as are features are in-built in the editor. That means that all you need to create and customize your website is right there on the platform. You need not look for extra functions from other applications.


Wix and Squarespace enable you to sell digital products like eBooks and business products like t-shirts from your website. Wix has three eCommerce plans that enable you to create and manage your online store.

You can also integrate some Wix apps to expand the capability of your store. 

Squarespace also has three plans, two of which come with features such as gift card creation, zero transaction fees, and abandoned cart recovery.

You can also analyze your online store and make decisions.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO processes help to earn your site a good ranking on Google. Wix’s SEO guide guides users on setting up SEO-friendly site.

You can also register for SEO Wiz to receive a customized guide for your website. 

Wix’s SEO Overview

Squarespace has  SEO in-built tools and checklist for its users. However, it is not personalized like that for Wix.


Squarespace and Wix are ideal for blogging that helps to promote your products. Wix’s in-built blogging tools like email campaigns and blog posts are ideal for informing readers.

You can also include the free Wix Blog app on your website as it has stylish layouts. You can also add various writers and add blogs in real-time.

Squarespace has blogging tools such as category support, scheduled sharing, and multiple author contribution.

It is also a perfect match for anyone that uses lots of graphics and photos in their blogs.


Wix offers seven different packages. Four are meant for websites and three for eCommerce. It is more flexible as it has a wider selection of subscriptions. 

Website builder plans

wix ecommerce and business pricing plans

Squarespace, on the other hand, has four premium plans.


Whether to choose Wix or Squarespace entirely depends on your needs. Both platforms have what it takes to create your dream site. Take time to understand what they can do and not do to make the right choice.

Is Squarespace cheaper than Wix?

Wix offers a cheap eCommerce platform that Squarespace this goes for$23 per month as compared to $26 per month for Squarespace.

Which website builder is best?

The best website builder I would go with wix due to its flexibility, squarespace for design, easiest to use Weebly,best for eCommerce shopify and best for blogging it would be WordPress.

What is better than Wix?

If you do not want to useWix, you can go for Weebly, Godaddy or SITE123. They are all user friendly.

Is using Wix a good idea?

I would say yes because of the ease of usage of the platform as compared to other website builders. I would recommend Wix to anyone looking to build either a small business or personal website. For businesses, Wix has brilliant templates, SEO and marketing tools, and tons of apps to help you scale

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