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Finance Blog Topics- 30+ Unique Ideas

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The financial sector comprises sections of the economy with firms and institutions that offer financial services such as investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, and saving to commercial and retail clients. The financial sector is a blogging niche that’s very intense to work on, and coming up with finance blog topics is not an easy fit as you are required to do more than just write. Many bloggers or website owners even seek help from finance content writing services to help them manoeuver.

That being said, coming up with finance blog topics for this niche requires thorough research to identify trending topics, conducting competitor analysis to find content gaps, getting information from your audience on what topics they’d be interested in, and using keyword search data. I believe after reading this article; you will be able to develop your finance blog topics and understand the writing and publishing process. 

Finance Blog Post Styles

In this intense writing niche, you’ll be required to use different blog post styles that will enhance your writing. Hence, sticking to the same blog post style might make your audience lose interest in your website. Therefore, let’s look at the best three blog post styles to use when working on your finance blog.


This blog post style is used in articles that provide solutions to a problem or share knowledge on something. For example; How to come up with finance blog topics. 


These articles consist of information or data presented in a list in its structural format. In fact, listicles make finance blog topics easy to read and understand. Listicles also allow audiences to scan through the blog’s most useful information hurriedly. Therefore, they are fast traffic builders as they are easily clicked through.


This blog consists of a step-by-step breakdown of what one needs to do to achieve a goal. In fact, the step-by-step breakdown helps your readers to understand a process well. For example; 6 Ways of Coming Up with Finance Blog Topics

Finance Blog Topics

Personal Finance

This category covers managing, saving, and investing money.


Under budgeting, you will share tips on how the readers can budget and plan their finances. The following are eight blog ideas on budgeting;

  1. 5 benefits of budgeting and planning
  2. 10 Pro tips for budgeting your salary
  3. How to budget your salary effectively
  4. 6 steps to build a budget that works
  5. 3 types of budget
  6. Why you should start budgeting your finances
  7. 5 Apps Useful that can help in budgeting
  8. 5 best budgeting techniques


In this category, you will share insightful advice on how your readers can financially plan for their retirement and how they can use their finances after retirement in a sustainable way. The following ideas come under it;

  1. 5 Important Retirement Planning Steps
  2. How do I open a retirement savings account
  3. 3 common retirement plans
  4. How to sparingly use your retirement finance
  5. How to prepare for retirement
  6. 5 factors affecting retirement decisions
  7. 10 best-personalized retirement gifts
  8. 10 benefits of financial planning for your retirement

Making Money

This category brings to the table tips on how anyone can make and earn money through different sources. The following are finance blog topics under making money;

  1. 10 easy ways you can make money online
  2. Step-by-step guide on how you can make money quickly
  3. How to make money as a student
  4. 7 best websites to make money online
  5. How to make money through real estate
  6. A guide on how to make money through forex trading
  7. 15 profitable ways of making money
  8. 6 Certified reasons why making money is hard

Home Buying

Everyone dreams of having a home or making money from real estate. Therefore, under this category, you will share the tips and processes of looking for and buying a good home. The following is a list of ideas under it;

  1. Steps guide for a first time home buyer
  2. Factors to consider before buying a home
  3. How to bargain when buying a home
  4. 5 must-have documents when buying a house
  5. Everything you need to know about buying a home
  6. 5 best home buying websites
  7. How to buy a house in 2022
  8. 10 countries you should own a home
  9. What is the process of buying a home using a mortgage 


Under investing, you will educate your readers on how to invest their money and where they can do this. The following are finance blog topics under this category;

  1. 5 reasons why you should invest in real estate
  2. How to invest in a company’s shares
  3. How to invest wisely
  4. 4 Types of Investment
  5. Factors to consider before investing
  6. A beginner guide on investing
  7. 5 top books on investing
  8. 10 Best Investment Research Sites
  9. A step by step guide on stock-investing


Under banking, you will write content on the different forms of banking, banking institutions, and banking activities. The following are finance blog topics under banking;

  1. Introduction to community banking
  2. 5 types of banking
  3. 7 approved banking benefits
  4. The history of banking
  5. Step by Step guide to begin your banking process
  6. How to bank your money without visiting the bank
  7. 5 common services offered across banks
  8. How to determine your lifetime bank
  9. 7 banking jobs across the world


This category will entail information on debts. The following are topics under it;

  1. 5 types of debts
  2. Explainer: Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt
  3. 9 strategies that will help you avoid getting into debt
  4. How to get out of debt easily
  5. A step by step guide on debt management
  6. How is interest accrued in a debt
  7. Five financial institutions that offer the best debts
  8. Five strategies to help you manage debts
  9. How to pay your debts
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Student Loans

This category will target students who are looking for ways to finance their education and school living expenses. The following are topics under it;

  1. How to get a student loan
  2. Five financial institutions that offer student loans
  3. Documents you require to apply for a student loan
  4. A step by step guide on applying for student loans
  5. How to start repaying student loans while in school
  6. Four types of student loans
  7. Five benefits of getting a student loan
  8. How to appeal for a rejected student loan application

Public Finance

This category encompasses managing a country’s revenues and expenditures. The following are topics under it;

  1. A step by step introduction to public finance
  2. 4 types of public finance
  3. 10 principles that guide public finance
  4. How to manage public finance
  5. 3 institutions responsible for public finance
  6. The major components of public finance
  7. The main differences between public and private finance
  8. How to learn about public finance

Corporate Finance

The category comprises activities and transactions related to raising revenue, developing, and getting into a business. The following are topics under it;

  1. Five top-selling books on corporate finance
  2. Three main areas of corporate finance
  3. 7 benefits of corporate finance
  4. How to venture into corporate finance
  5. How to develop strategies in corporate finance
  6. A step by step breakdown of corporate finance
  7. How to understand corporate finance

How to Find the Right Blog Post Ideas

Get information from your target audience

A target audience comprises a group of people with similar characteristics and behaviour, who you are aiming to reach with your finance blog topics. Thus, to find information from your target audience, you need to;

Find and compile data from your already existing audience. This includes age, location, language, et Cetra. 

Social listening. With this, you’ll be able to understand the most used keywords and hashtags used by your audience. 

Conducting web-based surveys by asking questions to your already existing customers makes it easier to gather most of the information you need. 

Interviews – A one-on-one interview. It’s best when you want an in-depth analysis of the data.

Look through past content/ existing blog posts

Financial blog topics have vastly been written since money has been in existence for a long time. Therefore, researching and reading through previous content will help you better understand what’s required of you. Also, through reading the existing blog post, you might find gaps that you can fill.

Identify trending topics

Trending topics are good opportunities for your finance blog topics as they already have a ready audience who will be searching to understand more about the topic.

Carry out competitor analysis

Competitor analysis will allow you to understand what your competitors are doing. Similarly, it will help you establish a foundation for your writing and generation of ideas. Therefore, through this, you’ll find a perfect niche that you can comfortably work on setting you apart from your competitors.

Finance Blog Writing Tips

The following are blog writing tips to help you write great finance blog posts

Finding terms & questions related to the topic

Terms and questions related to your finance blog topic are key in helping you understand what your audience is searching for. Through them, you will also get to pick the keywords to use across your blog to help your website rank up in Google searches.

Creating an outline 

Blogs posts are divided into three parts; An introduction, a body, and a conclusion/ending. Before beginning the writing process, it’s very important to outline your entire blog post as it will help in;

  1. Memory 
  2. Crafting a logical flow
  3. Editing purposes
  4. Ideation stage (Keywords, Topic analysis) 
  5. Research 

Writing a captivating introduction

It takes 15 seconds, equivalent to 50 words, for you to attract the reader’s attention. Therefore, when writing the introduction, let it begin with a punch, be captivating and leading. In fact, a good introduction will enable the reader to go through the entire blog.

Building each section of your outline as you write

When writing your finance blog topics, you have to follow the article’s outline from the title, body, and sub-sections to the conclusion to ensure the idea is not left unworked. Outlining will also lead you in organizing your thoughts. It’s also advised to write the first draft in one sitting, take a break and come back to edit the first draft to adjust it.

Publishing & Promoting Your Post

This is the final stage. Therefore, the final work gets posted on your preferred blogging platform. In fact, there are apps like contentcal, falcon, and loomly that help in scheduling your articles. Also, promoting your posts through social media target ads will help your blog reach a wider audience. 

A graphic illustration of people on a table during a presentation: Finance blog topics


Although finance blog topics might be intense to develop and work on through identifying your target audience, researching on already written topics, and clearly outlining your work before you begin writing, following these steps will help you do better.

What is digital finance?

Digital finance is the impact of new technologies on the financial services industry that has transformed the traditional way of providing banking and financial services.

What are the best finance topics for beginners?

The best finance topics for beginners include; Investing, budgeting, taxes, interest, debts, and student loans.

What are the best finance blogs?

Some of the best finance blogs include; Nerdwallet, Good financial cents, The balance, Mint, The simple dollar, The penny hoarder, Money Crashers, Money Under 30, and Well Kept Wallet.

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