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How To Promote A Restaurant Online

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It’s the digital era. Consequently, digital technology has radically changed the restaurant business landscape. The best location, menu, customer service, and ambience will not mean much if you fail to take full advantage of digital marketing. Having said that, how do you promote a restaurant online to your local market.

There is only one way to find out.

Nowadays, It is no longer viable to primarily depend on word of mouth.

Creating a reliable client base is not as simple as it used to be.

With a new restaurant popping up around the corner with each passing day, you must get a solid marketing strategy on track.

Do you serve the most palatable dishes in town but still struggle to remain afloat?

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Then this post is for you.

Create A Social Media Presence

If you want to create a dynamic presence online, the most essential thing you can do is establish a strong social media presence.

Here is the secret

Even in a world that puts a lot of emphasis on healthy and clean eating, several pictures of finger-licking delicacies can make folks who are wholly dependent on spinach juice to break their diet rules.

The best social media platform to market your menus is Instagram. This platform allows you to make a killing by posting top-quality food pictures and videos.

It is perfectly okay to consider enlisting a social media professional if you need professional insight on promoting your business on Instagram.

Facebook and Twitter can also help you promote your restaurant to the local markets.

Apart from using these platforms to show off bright and colourful images of the food you prepare, you can also use them to spread words about your food items and food specials.

For your social media marketing campaigns to be a complete success, timing is everything.

If you want to feature a savoury food item, for instance, post it a few hours to lunchtime.

Also, tag your location and encourage customers to share your post and leave a comment.

Be sure to monitor your social media marketing success using tools like Hootsuite or Buzzlogix.

Build A Website

A good website with well-written content should be stunning and, at the same time, easy to navigate. Your site will serve as the heart of your brand so it should contain vital information such as:

  • Daily specials
  • Menu descriptions and nutrition information
  • Social media icons for linking to the social media pages of your restaurant
  • Reservation button
  • Order online button
  • Rewards
  • About us
  • Contact
  • Careers
  • Disclaimer
  • Location

Think of it like having a food shop that can be accessed by millions of people from all over the world.

You need to give them a good first impression and provide useful information about what you have to offer.

Building a professional website is a proven way to market a restaurant.

While it is not easy work, the rewards are always glorious!

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Another key strategy for marketing your restaurant effectively is email marketing.

You can grow your email list by requesting customers to fill out forms online, or in-person within your establishment.

The world today is crazy about everything digital. This makes it more effective to get your customers to fill out online forms.

Think of this form of marketing as a surefire way to bait your clients and keep them coming back for more.

Your strategy should involve frequently sending emails that showcase exciting offers and new additions to the menu among other things.

Again, do not hesitate to work with a professional if your email marketing skills are wanting.

Get Your Restaurant Listed On Food Apps

People live busy lives. Making it easier to make reservations and order food from your restaurant should hence be your number one priority.

After all,

Most consumers will only spend a few minutes to surf the web in search of places to eat.

They will also not bother going through boring directories.

Numerous food apps allow consumers to find the closest restaurant in a matter of seconds.

If you want to market your restaurant online effectively,

You must take advantage of this ingenious wave of mobile technology and partner with a popular food app.

Create Loyalty Programs

Let’s face it; we all love freebies and incentives.

Research shows that people feel more valued when they are offered a chance to earn points through a reward system.

This means that they get more value for each dollar they spend.

There are different kinds of compelling rewards you can offer.

Apart from freebies, you can also choose to provide speciality promos or discounts.

Provide Online Reservation Tools

As I mentioned earlier, most people are pressed for time. Providing online reservation options allows your customers to enjoy more convenience.

They can browse your menu, choose an exact reservation time, and also view the cost of various delicacies.

Numerous tools can help you streamline your online takeout or food delivery systems.

One of the best tools to use is OpenTable.

It has a range of features, including flexible menu designs and enticing photo galleries that are bookmark-worthy.

Create Useful YouTube Video Tutorials

YouTube is a powerful platform you can use to market your restaurant. While most restaurant owners argue that it is counterproductive to share their secret recipes, this is not always the case.

If there is one thing that is powerful enough to bring people from all walks of life together is good food.

Through useful tutorials, you can drastically grow your client base and, at the same time, create a buzz about your brand.

To make your videos an outstanding marketing tool, do not focus solely on the profits you stand to generate.

Instead, aim at adding value to your audience. Make them trust your culinary skills and your ability to prepare a range of exceptional dishes.

Take Away Notes

Ø Your offline performance dictates your online success. Digital marketing strategies cannot work if your offline activities are not in order.

Ø Hire a professional and get your restaurant online marketing to a whole new level. A sloppy DIY attempt can taint your reputation instead of enhancing it.

Ø Execution is everything! Knowing what needs to be done and doing it are two different things. If need be, find the professional help you market your restaurant by implementing the above tips

How do I promote my new restaurant?

Some of the ways to do that include, building a website, create social media pages, create an email list, update your menu on a regular basis, come up with new ideas and run contests and games.

How can I promote my takeaway business?

Ensure that you use social media, master effective food photography, create new deals, use branded messages and keep things simple for customers

How do you promote local food?

Embrace biodiversity, look for local brands to partner with and ensure you make suggestions to your customers.

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