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Target Affiliate Program Review

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Target is a leading retail store in the United States. This chain of stores prides itself in having one of the most extensive lists of inventories in the country. The retail store also offers website owners a chance to make some earnings by referring customers to its main website. If you are looking to learn more about the Target affiliate program, you are in the right place. This article will give you all the information that you need to know. Read on. 

Target affiliate sign up page

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What Is The Target Affiliate Program?

This is probably the first question that you ask yourself when Target affiliate program crosses your mind. Well Let me explain.

Target Affiliate Program is a third-party incentive program that the retail store chain came up with to help in traffic generation. Through the affiliate program, Target gets to promote the products on its e-commerce website through other third-party websites. 

So what does this mean?

The Target affiliate program allows you as the website owner or blogger to make some earnings when you drive Quality traffic to the retail store’s main website.

Yes that’s right. And this is the best part.

Once you register to join Target’s affiliate program, the website gives you an affiliate link that allows you to promote goods on its website through your own blog or website. 

How Does The Target Affiliate Program Work?

Target affiliate program sign up process

The Target affiliate program works in a very straightforward manner. You register to be an affiliate, once approved you get an affiliate link. You will the use this link to promote products on Target’s website on your own website. 

Target affiliate has no restrictions on how you use the affiliate links it gives you once you register your account. You can use these affiliate links as a part of a text, banners or any other captivating thing that will help drive traffic to the main website.

However, Target affiliate requires that whichever method you use to promote the affiliate link to be ethical. 

This is what happens when you go against this policy.

Misuse of any of the affiliate links that Target provides you with will result in the expulsion of the affiliate from the affiliate program.

Again, Target retains the right to remove an affiliate from its program without warning.

It is therefore important that in the light of this, one adheres to the guidelines that Target gives on how to conduct yourself as an affiliate on its platform. 

How Much Does One Make As A Target Affiliate?

Target affiliate program commissions

Money is the whole point of doing all this. Right? I think we can easily agree on that. So how much money can you earn while using Target affiliate?

Let’s find out.

The total amount of money that you make as a Target affiliate will depend on the value of the goods that you refer your traffic to.


The number of people that you refer and who make the purchase will influence how much you can make during a particular period. 

That is why.

It is important to note that Target offers commissions between 1% and 8% of the value of the good. This percentage varies depending on which category the particular product falls into.

For example, kids’ products attract a very low commission rate of 1% for every successful referral to the Target website.

On the other hand,

Products in other fields such as home living and outdoor decor attract better commission prospects.  Products in this category will make up to 8% commission on qualified sales.

These varying opportunities are the reason why you need to carefully consider the niche you will want to promote in your third party website. 

Each of the affiliate links that Target gives its affiliates has a seven-day cookie. This cookie allows the affiliate to track any successful sale made as a result of a referral from his/her website.

How To Become A Target Affiliate

To become a Target affiliate is quite easy.

The platform allows you to register on their website by filling in your details such as your name and the website that you represent. 

Compared to other affiliate programs on the internet today, Target does not have very many restrictions as to who can join their affiliate program.

The only guiding rule is that you should have a website that has primarily US citizens as its main traffic source.


This does not exclude other countries provided that your website is within the territories that their affiliate link generator operates. 


If you have multiple websites, Target still allows you to register all of them under your Target affiliate account.

This special privilege allows you to boost your earnings as an affiliate on the program. 

Target also welcomes individuals who run family-friendly websites to join their affiliate program. Such websites are not limited to websites on parenting and other niches such as home decor websites.

Why is this?

The traffic that visits these websites closely resembles the traffic that visits Target online stores. 

Like any other affiliate program that you join online, there are legal considerations to joining the Target Affiliate Program. 

First of all, Target affiliates should primarily have a website that receives US traffic.

While there are exceptions as to which other countries can join this affiliate program, it is important that these countries fall within the boundaries that the affiliate link generator covers.

The use of VPNs and other fraudulent means to join the affiliate program will lead to expulsion from the affiliate program.

Additionally Target advises against the misuse of their affiliate links to mislead the target customers. 

As a Target affiliate, you have the freedom to use any of the images on the home site for promoting the affiliate links.

However, you must give credit to Target for the images. Failure to do so, or using the images for other purposes results in copyright infringement. 

It is also good to keep in mind that Target maintains the right to cancel your affiliate links at any time without warning.

This cancellation, however, is rare, especially if as an affiliate you follow all the rules that guide the operation of an affiliate account.

Additionally, unless you engage in the fraudulent or misleading promotion of the affiliate links, you can rest assured that your affiliate account will remain in good standing.

Also, ensure that you give truthful payment information as Target tries to stay clear of any fraudulent transactions.

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Target affiliate program review

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How does the target affiliate program work?

This is a service that allows websites to earn commissions when sales are referred to target.com

Does TJ Maxx have an affiliate program?

Yes. The program is known as TJ Maxx Affiliate program.

Does Walmart have an affiliate program?

Walmart owns an affiliate program known as Walmart Affiliate. Commissions are earned when you place banners and texts which refer customers to the Walmart website.

How many followers do you need to be an influencer?

The secret of becoming a successful affiliate marketer is having a huge follower base.

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