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Wix Affiliate Review

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Wix is a leading cloud-based development platform with a variety of users worldwide. Since its formation, Wix has become one of the best web development companies by offering free websites with optional upgrades to premium plans. Users can therefore market their businesses, promote their artworks and others. The Wix website builder has everything users need to create a fully personalized, high-quality free website. In this Wix affiliate review post, we discuss if Wix is worth it.

The Wix Affiliate program is suited for website owners who can generate high volumes of organic traffic to Wix through original content. Wix encourages web designers, developers, advertising agencies, and others to check out the Wix Arena, which may provide them with better avenues of income generation.  

Joining the Wix Affiliate Program

Although Wix is a well-established business, they still market themselves to get more clients to use their tools. Therefore, most of their strategies include social media marketing, where they use accounts like Instagram to promote their work. Next is email marketing, where they encourage site visitors to subscribe to their email lists to receive updates. They also rely on affiliate marketing, where they ask affiliates to bring them new clients. The Wix affiliate program lets you promote Wix on your website and earn high commissions for generating organic traffic to the Wix website. Last but not least, they use promotional marketing to give discounts and coupons to encourage clients to upgrade to premium plans. 

As we’ll see in this Wix Affiliate Review, joining is very easy and free. First, you have to visit their application site and fill a signup form. The form requires basic details such as your official name, email address, bank information. Besides, you’ll also need to provide your website name, URL, and content description. Chances of approval are usually high if your website is active and well-managed. Due to many applications, it may take up to thirty business days for the Wix Affiliate team to review your request.

How much commission can affiliates earn on Wix?

We can’t write a Wix affiliate review without explaining their commissions. Wix uses the pay-per-sale method to pay their affiliates. This is where they pay after the affiliate sends a premium customer to their website. A $100 commission with unlimited payouts is given when said customers buy premium services, irrespective of their packages. However, the referral shouldn’t cancel within two weeks, or the affiliate will lose the commission. Affiliates are usually paid around the 15th of every month.

Wix Premium Plans

As stated above, you will only receive an affiliate commission once your referrals upgrade to any of Wix’s premium plans. Therefore, it is essential to know the various features of the premium plans to explain to your referrals. This Wix affiliate review accurately describes the premium plans, as shown below:

VIP package

It costs $24.50 a month and comes with a variety of merits, including priority support. In addition to unlimited bandwidth, clients also get 20GB storage, a free domain for a year, two video hours, a site booster app and visitor analytics app worth $60 each, priority response, and lastly VIP support. 

Unlimited Package

For $12.50 a month, clients get a variety of features including, 10GB storage, removal of Wix ads, one video hour, free domain for a year, and unlimited bandwidth. This is suitable for freelancers and entrepreneurs. 


For $8.50 a month, clients enjoy several features including, 3GB storage, free domain for a year, removal of Wix ads, a free SSL certificate,2GB bandwidth, 30 minutes video hours, and lastly, VIP support. Suitable for clients in need of websites for personal use. 

Connect Domain

This is the most basic plan. For $4.50 a month, clients get a custom domain, free SSL certificate, 1GB bandwidth, 500MB storage space, and lastly, customer care. They, however, get no exceptions from ads. 

Business VIP

For $35, clients with this package get the full suite. In addition, to secure online payments, they receive unlimited bandwidth, 50GB storage, unlimited video hours, customized reports, priority support, and a complete ecommerce platform. 

Business unlimited

It is suitable for growing your business. For $25 a month, clients receive secure online payments, unlimited bandwidth, 35 GB storage space, ten video hours, and a free domain for one year. They also receive the ecommerce platform.

Business basic

Clients pay $17 a month to access unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage space, five video hours, and a free domain for one year. Suitable for small businesses and startups. 

How To Promote the Wix affiliate program

Our Wix affiliate review highlights the following ways to promote your Wix affiliate program:

  • Blogging

Blogs are usually the best way to capture your audience’s attention and get them to join Wix through your affiliate links. You can do this by writing Wix affiliate review posts, doing blog post promotions, among others. 

  • Social Media

Today, most people have joined popular sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use your account to inform your followers about Wix, then send them your affiliate links. However, you must limit the number of affiliate links sent, as you may risk being flagged as a bot. 

  • Search Engine Optimization

The keywords you incorporate in your content are essential as they will appear in search engines like Google. Similarly, SEO will ensure that your content is highly ranked; therefore, you will get more visitors to click through your links.

  • Review videos and posts

Research shows that nine out of ten consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Therefore, reviewing Wix products will boost your visitors’ trust and increase their chance of using your links. 

  • Email marketing 

When you get new visitors on your site, ensure you engage with them and encourage them to subscribe to your mail list. This way, you can regularly sell to them. It will also give you a chance to follow up an opportunity with prospects. 

Wix allows its affiliates to promote their links on online platforms. Once the links are placed on your website, Wix tracks them and records premium referrals on their official site. 

All Wix affiliate links have unique identifiers that track traffic to Wix from your site. They also ensure that Wix’s tracking system gives credit to your URL for bringing new referrals.

To ensure fair payments, Wix observes the First Click Model. This means that you’ll receive a payment if a client registers on Wix after visiting your site. Wix has set its affiliate cookie to expire after 30 days. Therefore, you won’t get commissions if a client registers on Wix thirty days after getting your affiliate link. 

Is there a monthly sales target?

Yes, Affiliates must earn a minimum of $300 a month to get paid. Wix will keep the available funds in your affiliate account until the minimum withdrawable amount is reached if you don’t achieve the monthly target. 

What websites are eligible to become Wix affiliates?

Any website can join the program. However, Wix has the right to approve or reject applications based on the nature of the website. For example, sites containing offensive content like explicit language, violence, or discrimination of any kind will be rejected. Also, there is a high chance of rejection if your site can’t bring them clients.

Benefits of joining the Wix Affiliate Program

Our Wix affiliate review highlights the following benefits:

  • Competitive commission rate

Wix pays $100 for every premium client that subscribes without cancellation. This is higher than other affiliate programs. Moreover, their pay-per-sale method ensures fair payments and increases the earning potential of affiliates. In addition to that, there is no referral limit. 

  • High conversion rates and increased sales

You must join a site with perfect conversion rates to get easy referrals when creating an affiliate account. Wix is a popular website in the world. Therefore marketing should be easy. Although most of their users are free subscribers, you can still find clients willing to upgrade. Moreover, their premium plans are feature-rich and affordable, making them easy to market.

  • Tons of creative material

From your affiliate dashboard, you can generate your link and creatives. You can also choose from a variety of banners and landing pages available in different languages. Moreover, these creatives are regularly updated to help your site stand out. This can help you attract clients who are interested in premium plans. 

  • Informative blogs

Wix has a blogs section that helps affiliates learn more about their affiliate program. From blogs on how to promote your site to creative and inspiring event websites, Wix provides a variety of informative blogs to guide you. 

  • Consistent payment

Wix always pays on the 15th business day of every month. Consistent payment allows you to plan your finances. Moreover, their $300 minimum payment ensures their affiliates are paid in bulk which is more convenient. 

Detriments of the program

One-time payouts

Although Wix has high commissions, the company only pays one commission per client. Therefore, affiliates have to work extra hard to get more referrals.

The minimum payout is high.

Wix only pays affiliates when they’ve achieved the monthly sales target of $300. While this may benefit those who prefer bulk payments, it affects the earnings of new affiliates, especially those with pretty new websites.

Wix pays commissions after clients buy premium package within thirty days of clicking the affiliate link. While this is not the shortest cookie life span, the duration means that affiliates must be more persuasive when selling Wix. 

Clients prefer free packages.

80% of Wix clients use free accounts, making it difficult to persuade new clients to buy premium packages. Moreover, the premium plans are pretty high, which discourages clients with a limited budget. Besides, most people prefer one-off fees compared to their monthly payments.

The affiliate dashboard is complex.

Wix’s dashboard favors the tech-savvy. Similarly, new affiliates claim that it is complex to navigate the dashboard. They suggest that it should be straightforward so that everyone can easily access it. 

Ways to increase your commission earnings on Wix

This Wix affiliate review focuses on the ways below to increase your commissions:

High-quality content

High-quality content will help you attract the right audience to your site, engage them and work towards getting them to take action on your site. It will also build trust with your audience and increase the chance of them clicking through your links. Moreover, if the user finds your content valuable, they are most likely to share it, increasing your referrals.


Consistency is crucial as it reflects on your dedication to creating content. Once your visitors see your character, they will trust your content and gradually click through the links. Moreover, when you fail to update your blog regularly, your content will no longer be relevant to them. 

Use your social media. 

Social media is a great way to build an active audience. It helps new readers connect with you and discover your site. You can also interact with and network with others who are interested in Wix.

Answer questions clients have 

When you’re answering a client’s questions, you’re earning their attention by educating them. Moreover, they will see your site as an authority and trust your affiliate links. 

Things to consider before applying to market a website builder

Usability of the websites

If you’re not tech-savvy, you must utilize a user-friendly website builder. This will ensure that you have an easy time navigating through the website. 

Affordability of products and services

First, you need to know how much you are willing to invest to market the website builder. However, you have to remember that cheap offers come with low-quality services. Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget, you can save money by looking for bundle plans tailored for everything you need. 

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions section will ensure you know what you agree to with the website builder to avoid future issues.

Customer support

Not every website builder will offer the same level of customer support. For example, Some will only offer email support, while others provide 24/7 online chat and phone support. So when looking for quick answers and a strong support team, you have to consider readily available ones. 


Finally, despite all the disadvantages, Wix has a decent development platform. Besides, 109 million people worldwide choose Wix to create their websites, and numbers don’t lie. Therefore, I hope this Wix affiliate review has shown you how it is worth joining the Wix affiliate program. 

How do I track performances?

From your affiliate dashboard, go to ‘Reports.’ Then you’ll be able to track your traffic, view detailed statistics, customize reports, check your payments, and more. 

Can my Wix affiliate account be terminated?

Yes. Wix holds the right to terminate affiliate accounts if you post objectionable content on your site or if it deems you unfit to carry out its marketing activities. 

Is there a referral limit?

No. in fact, Wix encourages its affiliates to bring in more clients. Moreover, the more referrals you get, the more you get paid.

How do I get my links and creative materials?

Go to your affiliate dashboard and click ‘offers.’ Choose your link and creatives. Wix has excellent banners and landing pages in all languages that are updated regularly.

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