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CJ Affiliate Review

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By now I am sure you are well conversant with what affiliate marketing entails. And for this reason, we are going to dive straight into a detailed Cj affiliate review. One of the best affiliate program in the market.

Are you ready?

CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) is an affiliate platform that allows you to connect with brands that are looking for affiliate marketers.

Unlike other in-house affiliate programs where you will promote the products that the affiliate program sells, with CJ Affiliate things are quite different.

How different is It though? Let me explain.

What happens is that CJ Affiliate unveils to you a directory of brands and their products and allows you to choose products that you feel would best benefit you income-wise when you promote them.

Pretty cool right?

CJ Affiliate is, therefore, more of a directory. If you are looking to join this affiliate program, then this review is for you.

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What Is CJ Affiliate About? 

CJ affiliate program homepage

In today’s internet marketing space, many brands are looking to collaborate with affiliates to help promote their products. While this may look like an easy thing to do, brands can find it difficult to partner with the best affiliates around. 

With this evident challenge, CJ Affiliate helps to bridge the gap between brands looking for affiliates and the actual affiliates.

Things get even better.

Once your application gets approved, you get instant access to an extensive database of brands looking for affiliates like you to work with. 

It does not stop there.

CJ Affiliate categorizes the brands according to the products that they sell. It is, therefore, your duty to look for a niche that matches what you blog about and requests to join their affiliate network.

Having done all that, what follows next?

CJ Affiliate will then generate the link for you and you can start promoting the products through your website.

The brand that you promote their products will pay you through CJ Affiliate which acts as the intermediary between you and that particular brand.


The brand also trusts CJ Affiliate to vet the affiliates on its behalf. This trust means that the brand will not verify you as an affiliate after you join CJ Affiliate. 

How Do I Join CJ Affiliate 

CJ affiliate sign up page

CJ is always on the lookout for affiliates that can help it drive quality traffic to its partner brand websites.

Owing to the sheer number of brands that are available on the CJ Affiliate platform, a large number of affiliates are necessary to meet the promotion needs for each one of these partner brands. 

Question is; how do they acquire these affiliates.

To join the CJ Affiliate program is quite easy. All that you need to do is visit the platforms website and register as an affiliate. You will need to fill in your details, which the platform will then review to verify whether you meet the threshold required of an affiliate.

How to sign up as an advertiser on CJ

Additionally, you will need to state clearly which niche you promote. This information will allow the platform to show you relevant brands that will benefit from you promoting their products. 

The verification process takes some time and once done, you will receive an email. If approved, you will then proceed to furnish the platform with your payment information to facilitate payments when partner brands remit commissions.

If you fail the verification process, you will have the chance to go through the registration process again. 

The CJ Affiliate program is open to all affiliates from every country. However, the specific brands that you wish to promote may have restrictions on particular affiliates who can join or not join their affiliate program.

The platform will give you a notification each time you attempt to collaborate with a specific brand on whether you qualify or do not. 


When it comes to making payouts and how much you can earn, as an affiliate , there are some differences when you compare this platform to others out there. 

First of all.

CJ Affiliate is a directory for brands looking for affiliates to work with. This feature means that the affiliate platform does not set the commission rates that the brands pay to their affiliates.

Again, this means that the commission you earn will vary depending on which brand you decide to partner with. The commission will also vary depending on other factors such as the value of the product that you are promoting.

The type of product will also matter and it is therefore advisable that you take some time to source for the products that offer the best commission when you promote them. 

While each brand will set its commission rates, CJ Affiliate handles the payouts. Again, this will depend on the frequency that the particular brands set to make payouts.

Other factors such as the threshold that you have to meet before making a withdrawal will come into play in such an instance. 

The payouts is in one of two ways. Either by bank transfers or through cheques.

CJ Affiliate does not support e-wallets and therefore it is important to furnish them with your bank information to make the payout successful.

The period between a payout and when the actual deposit happens will vary depending on legal considerations on your financial providers’ end. 

Affiliate Automation Feature 

Link generator on CJ

CJ Affiliate by Conversant has an innovative tool that it calls the affiliate automation. This tool allows you to turn any outbound links on your site into relevant affiliate links.

How so?

For example, if you are working with brand A or have a link on your site that links back to that brand’s main site.

Once you join the platform through the affiliate automation tool will help you update this outbound link into an automatic affiliate link. 

What you need to do is access the affiliate automation tool from your dashboard and decide on the niche or product you want it to be on.

CJ Affiliate will then update this link automatically without you having to go back to your website and update all the links manually.

However, there is a line of code that you will need to copy and paste into your site’s main code. 

Final Thoughts 

CJ Affiliate is a good program for any affiliate looking for a directory where he or she can collaborate with brands looking for affiliates.

The program allows you to save on the time you would spend sourcing for affiliate links on the internet. 

What does CJ Affiliate do?

This is an online advertising company dealing with affiliate marketing and it is owned by Publicis Groupe and it operates wordwide.

How do I become a CJ affiliate?

To become a cj affiliate marketer just visit their homepage and register to become an affiliate marketer and then wait for approval.

What are the highest paying affiliate programs?

Some of the highest paying affiliate programs include. Bluehost, hostinger,cloudways, Hostgator, liquid engine and WP engine.

What are affiliates in marketing?

Basically affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission when a product is sold online. The products normally belong to another person. The person who earns the commission is the affiliate.

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